March 12, 2009 Getting Ready for Sunday

March 13, 2009

Dear Friends,

What would you say to those you love if you knew that this would be your last message to them? What kind of instructions would you want to give them to ensure that they would have the benefit of all of your wisdom and experience? My message this Sunday is entitled “Finishing Strong: Practical advice that leads to a great reward” from II Timothy 4:1-8.The Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy from prison. In this concluding chapter, he reveals that he knows his life is about to end and he will soon meet the Lord. His final words to Timothy are direct and clear instructions that will help Timothy to be effective and prepare him so that one day he too will have a great reward from the Lord.

Being a fruitful disciple of Christ is a life long process. It requires discipline and sacrifice and it also brings great rewards. A disciple takes time to seek the Lord, both for wisdom from the word of God as well as refreshing in prayer. A disciple serves the Lord by loving and serving other believers as well as sharing the word and resources as God gives opportunities with others. One of the greatest rewards for every one of us who follows Christ is the echo of the Holy Spirit in our hearts that says, “Well done good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your master.” I hope you sense the Lord’s favor and experience joy in your life. We get to taste His goodness now and there is a lot more being stored up for us in heaven.

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