Getting Ready for Sunday

March 21, 2009

Dear Friends,

My message this Sunday is called “Lessons from the Little Things” from II Timothy 4:8-22. The concluding verses of II Timothy seem to hold little significance at first glance, yet they contain truths that are profound. God will often show us how much we are loved and how He knows the deepest desires of our hearts by providing little blessings and speaking to us though the simple things in life. If we know that the Lord loves us and cares about the deepest needs in our lives, it can help us to trust Him with the bigger issues. This truth is an anchor for our faith when we have to wait for answers that we really want and wonder why they don’t come sooner.

We have many opportunities each week at Living Streams that you may find very helpful. Gary Kinnaman is teaching a leadership class in the sanctuary from 7:00-8:30 PM each Wednesday night that is going great and you are welcome to attend. This Sunday, immediately following second service, we will have our Annual Congregatinal Meeting in the Chapel. I encourage you to attend, as we will review the 2008 financials, discuss our current financial state regarding The Wave, our 20th Street property, and our main campus. Light snacks will be available. David Stockton leads the Saturday night service each week at 5:30 PM. This e-mail concludes with a message from David about the new series he will be teaching:

Hey everyone, If you are feeling like you were meant to live for so much more than what you are presently, then come Saturday night and find out how to live in the so much more. We will be studying the book of Esther which gives us the account of a man of very humble, meager beginnings who ends up having a whole chapter dedicated to his greatness. God has a glorious, abundant plan for you and has given you dreams and hopes to steer you into that plan. So often we get side-tracked or bogged down and we settle for comfortable monotony, but in this study we will find out how to rise above the smog-filled life and breathe in the abundant skies of living in God’s wonderful will. So please come if you want to be awakened to the will of God and find out what your life can be. -David

Love in Christ,

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