October 22, 2009 ~ Sunday Preview

October 22, 2009

On Tuesday our pastors and staff went door-to-door, as well as to bus stops and shops to share the good news of Christ with our neighbors. Some of us handed out tracts and others gave out water bottles to joggers.

I met a man named Ted who had prayed that morning, asking God for direction. He said that my visit to his door was an answer to his prayer. I also went to Butler Park and met a lady named Tina from Germany and a man named Will from Cuba. We had good talks and I invited them to bring their children to our Hoedown Showdown on Halloween night.

David Stockton had challenged our staff to do this outreach. I don’t think any of us were in the mood for it, and we all had a lot of other things we could have been doing that morning. By the time we returned two hours later, however, we had all been blessed by divine appointments and opportunities to touch the lives of people in need. I was reminded that the Lord gives us ministry assignments for our sake as well as the people we reach out to.

This weekend David will be speaking from Jonah 4 about the frustrations that come when our hopes and dreams do not come to pass. This is a message designed to help us understand God’s plans and purposes that go far beyond what we normally perceive.

I hope you will be surprised by joy in the days to come as you accept your assignments from the Lord.

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