Sunday Preview ~ Oct 29, 2009

October 29, 2009

I woke up this morning with the wonderful thought that I am a blessed man. This doesn’t happen to me often. Usually I wake up and think, “I’m still tired, but I need to get up,” or something like that. My second thought this morning was “The stock market dropped 119 points yesterday. Thank you, Lord, that I am a blessed man.”

I get affected emotionally when the stock market drops. I love our country and I pray for our economy. I want our economy to prosper. I also get affected when the Cardinals, the Diamondbacks or the Suns win or lose. I root for our home teams. It matters to me if they win or lose. I’m not so spiritual that the teams I root for, the country I live in, or the economy that we have doesn’t matter to me. Yet there is something that sustains me so that I can still enjoy life, even when many of the things I care about are not going well.

I want to talk about this blessing in my message to Living Streams on Sunday. My message this week is called “How to Inherit a Blessing” from I Peter 3:8-12. Jesus Christ has given us a blessing more wonderful than money and more powerful than the forces of darkness. We do not have to earn this blessing. We can inherit it.

I’ll always root for our home teams and I’ll always pray for our country. However, regardless of who wins games, or the ups and downs of America, every believer in Jesus Christ can inherit a blessing that will enable us to have a life we really love. This is my desire for you and the focus of the Scriptures I will preach on this week.

There is a spiritual battle associated with this blessing that makes it difficult to receive. Please join me in praying that we will have the grace to receive the fullness of the blessings the Lord has in store for us.

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