Sunday Preview ~ Nov 12, 2009

November 12, 2009

This Sunday my sermon is called ” A Life of Fruitful Ministry” from I Peter 4:1-11. If you read this in advance, you will discover some truths that are simple and direct and some that are difficult to understand. As with every difficult challenge in life, there is something here we can discover that will be liberating when the Lord reveals His purpose to us. Jesus wants our lives to be fruitful and meaningful, even more than we do. I hope that these truths will lead us in the path of righteousness for His name’s sake.
A couple of Sundays ago I mentioned in my sermon that Jackie Reed had said to me, “We are going through a time of testing and this will lead to a time of blessing.” I had a hard time hearing what she said across the dinner table, so she repeated herself, “We have been going through a time of testing at the church and the Lord is going to bring us into a time of blessing.” I nodded with a smile, hoping Jackie was right. She then proceeded to repeat this statement to me five times over the next few minutes. At first I couldn’t understand why she kept saying the same thing over and over. She is very persistent, and as her husband Dan testifies, she knows that men sometimes don’t really get the message the first few times we hear it. I finally realized that the Lord was using her to try to get through to my heart.
In the past week some of the blessings that Jackie prophesied are starting to come to pass. The First Baptist Church of Phoenix Foundation has forgiven $1,000,000 of interest accumulated over the past three years on the Central campus property. They have also given us very gracious terms for future monthly payments. Our agreement with them covers the next three years and then it will be reviewed. A generous family in our church has also offered to help us financially over the next six months so that our pastors and staff salaries will not have to be cut. Many of you have been faithful and generous as well. In difficult times it is a real blessing to see God’s faithfulness expressed through those who love Jesus and the church.
I want to thank those of you who have been praying, giving and serving the Lord so faithfully.

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