Sunday Preview ~ December 10, 2009

December 10, 2009

My sermon this Sunday is called “The Heart of a Loving Shepherd”from I Peter 5:1-4. In this passage Peter lays out qualities that are essential for elders and leaders in the local church. Peter says that elders must shepherd the flock of God. They are to focus their lives on caring for God’s people. They are to be motivated by love for the Lord, not by money. They must lead by example, not lording it over those they oversee.
Some people might wonder how this message would apply to them if they are not an elder or leader. We are investing our time, talents and resources in the church, because the church is the body of Christ, the family of the Living God. Jesus laid down his life for the church. His people are his priority. We are commanded to love one another and serve the Lord together. We all need to understand the essential qualities of church leadership, so that the church we belong to stays healthy and bears fruit that lasts for many years.
After this Sunday our focus will be on Christmas. I hope that this will be a season of blessings and joy for you and your family.

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