Sunday Preview ~ January 14, 2010

January 14, 2010

My sermon this Sunday is called “Meditation that Leads to Prosperity” from Psalm 1, Joshua 1:8 and Proverbs 1:1-7. I want to talk to you this week about meditation as a spiritual discipline that unlocks truths which can transform our lives. If you read the Bible like you read a newspaper or a novel, the chances are that you won’t get too much out if it. If you take the time to read slowly and meditate on the passages that catch your attention, the truths in those passages start to come alive. As the wisdom of Scripture becomes clear and we incorporate it into our lives, the Lord says we will prosper and be successful.

  • Earthquake Relief. Living Streams, Streams Church and Pure Heart Church will be jointly giving to help with the relief efforts in Haiti. Dwight Vogt is one of our elders and the COO of Food for the Hungry. Their ministry has been operating in Jesus’ name in Haiti for years and our money will be used to provide food, water and medicine. You are welcome to add your gift to ours to help with these needs.
  • Reminder: Marathon. This Sunday is also PF Chang’s Rock ‘N Roll Marathon. For those of you running in the race or who have difficulty getting out of your neighborhood on Sunday morning, I want to encourage you to attend the 5:30 Saturday night service. David Stockton will be preaching on Breaking the Cycle of Depravity from Judges 4&5.

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