Sunday Preview ~ January 21, 2010

January 21, 2010

Rain is falling outside my office as I write this message to you. Arizona has had a big need for rain to break our drought. We prayed for our state during our services last Sunday. God is doing his part by pouring an abundance of rain upon us. Yet every big storm (as with many blessings) leaves a mess behind. Our daughter-in-law and two grandsons have been staying with us this week. They are a blessing, but the extra toys, clothes and dishes make our house look like a storm has hit inside as well. Kristina and I will be cleaning up our yard and our house later this week, with thankful hearts.

My sermon this Sunday is “Our Authority over Sin,” from Matthew 9:1-8 and John 20:23. This is the story of a paralyzed man being brought to Jesus by his friends. Jesus saw the faith of these men and said, “Your sins are forgiven.” As all hell started to break loose, Jesus healed the man to demonstrate his authority over sin. The effects of sin create huge messes. Sin paralyzes personalities, afflicts bodies and destroys relationships. Jesus gives us authority to forgive sins so that we can clean us these messes. If we grasp these truths and put them into practice, healing and reconciliation can set many people free.

Let’s continue to pray for our nation, our state and for the people who will gather to worship and hear the word of God this weekend at Living Streams.

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