Sunday Preview ~ February 17, 2010

February 17, 2010

I was really encouraged last Sunday by our worship services led by Jared Riley and our youth group. It was a great time of worship, communion and a message filled with wisdom and grace. It brings me joy to get a glimpse into the depth of faith and love that has been established among our young people.
My sermon this Sunday is called the New Wine of God’s Kingdom, from Matthew 9:14-17. In this passage, Jesus says that the new wine of God’s kingdom can either be preserved or wasted. These vastly different outcomes are determined by our ability to handle the challenges that the kingdom brings into our lives. We must be flexible at times, and at other times our self-centered egos must get out of the way for God’s work to be established effectively. Jesus deals with these truths when he explains the reasons his disciples would fast once he was gone.
Most of us are aware of people who started out trying to serve the Lord, yet they had problems along the way and did not finish well. The same can be said for churches and ministries that experience blowups which cause pain to many people and diminish the fruitfulness of their work. A good motive is not enough to insure that what we do will have good results or bear lasting fruit in ministry.
I’m praying this message will help you understand the new wine of God’s kingdom and how Jesus wants to prepare you for fruitful ministry.

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