Sunday Preview ~ May 6, 2010

May 6, 2010

Today is the National Day of Prayer. I’ll be praying for our nation today with my men’s group and with pastors from across the Valley. Let’s all take time today to ask the Lord to show mercy to our state and nation. Let’s pray for our leaders to have wisdom and courage to handle the challenges we face. Every time I hear about another attempted terrorist attack that fails because the bomb doesn’t go off, I thank God for the faithful people praying for our nation.

My sermon this Sunday is titled “How an Obscure Woman Became Great,” from the book of Ruth. I hope you will read this Old Testament story this week. Mothers have a profound impact on our lives. The story of Ruth shows how the choices a person makes at key times in life can shape their destiny. Ruth not only survived tragedy, but her legacy still impacts the world. Through God’s grace, tragedy can actually propel us into our destiny.

In a time when trials are shaking the nations, it is important for us to understand the power and faithfulness of God. As we celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday, I’m hoping that each of us will be inspired by a woman who followed the Lord into a destiny beyond anything she ever dreamed.

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