Sunday Preview ~ May 14, 2010

May 14, 2010

I hope you are doing well. My sermon this Sunday is titled “You are Destined for Greatness” from chapters 2-4 of the book of Ruth. Ruth was an obscure woman who became an ancestor of Jesus Christ. Each of the ancestors of Christ in the Old Testament manifests some of the special qualities of Jesus. We have these same qualities in us, through Christ. An understanding of these qualities can give us wisdom and help us to prosper.
This Sunday I will speak about the way Ruth took initiative to find food, because we too must take initiative. Ruth also used her femininity without compromising her morality to woo her future husband. She allowed Naomi to mentor her at a critical time in her life. Ruth ultimately gave an incredible gift to Naomi. She gave her son to the woman she loved.
Ruth helped bring Jesus into the world and we are called to bring the grace and truth of Jesus to our generation. We have been given the Spirit of Christ and a great destiny through him. Let’s pray together that the Lord will give wisdom and purpose to everyone who comes to worship with us this weekend.

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