Sunday Preview ~ May 27, 2010

May 27, 2010

We have had beautiful spring weather, which I have been enjoying. We have also had some beautiful things happening at Living Streams in the past few weeks. My friend James Jankoviak, the leader of Verbo Ministries, stayed with Kristina and me for four days last week. Living Streams has given Verbo support through our missions for over twenty years. James was one of six men who moved to Guatemala in 1977 after an earthquake devastated the country and killed over 30,000 people. They built homes for poor people and established a church that grew and multiplied in incredible ways.

The initial Verbo (Word) Church grew to over a thousand people and then into over a dozen congregations with schools, orphanages and ministries in Guatemala. They sent a team to Nicaragua, which planted a church, which eventually multiplied and now ministers to thousands of people. They sent a team to Ecuador which grew into many Verbo churches, schools, a medical clinic and a radio ministry. Verbo now has churches from Canada in the north to Brazil and Peru in the south. They are a network of ministries which has brought glory to God by bringing the gospel to many nations and salvation to many people.

Verbo grew out of the ministry of a dozen men and woman who love Jesus and made a covenant to serve him together. They are an example of what the Lord can do through the lives of those who commit themselves to Christ and to one another. They inspire me, because I have known this ministry from its humble beginning. We too have an assignment from the Lord that is unique and is just as important, with just as much potential for kingdom impact as Verbo’s ministry.

James spoke in our 11:00 am service last Sunday and said Living Streams is called to be an Antioch. Antioch became a missions center for the early church. It is where the apostles Paul and Barnabus along with other teachers and prophets had their home base. They traveled out from Antioch to plant and strengthen other churches. We have a family focus for our Sunday services right now. In the months to come we are planning to have a missions focus which will give you opportunities and support to fulfill your ministry.

I hope you will prepare yourself by praying and digging into the word of God in the days to come. Let’s ask the Lord to unite our hearts and open doors of ministry so that the fruit of our lives will bring great glory to God.

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