Sunday Preview ~ July 1, 2010

July 1, 2010

There is probably no other issue for a parent that is more sensitive than how we discipline our children. Each family must work out the challenges of handling discipline with love. Families with several children soon realize that each child not only has a unique personality, but they each respond to discipline in a different way as well.

My sermon this Sunday is called, “Embracing the Lord’s Discipline” from Hebrews 12:5-12. In this passage, the apostolic author draws a correlation between a parent’s discipline of their son and the Lord’s discipline of us. The Lord disciplines everyone he loves whether we like it or not. His discipline is painful, but it has a great purpose. God is bringing us into holiness and maturity. When we submit to the Lord’s discipline, we grow and mature in Christ.

Summertime for a believer is not just a time to relax on vacation. If we are wise, it can be a season when we can embrace the direction and discipline of the Lord. I hope you will take some extra time in the days to come to draw near to your Father in heaven. If you can receive what the Spirit is saying to your heart, you will be comforted by his love.

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