Sunday Preview ~ July 15, 2010

July 15, 2010

Kristina and I were babysitting our grandsons last night while their parents went for a run. At dinner time, we headed towards Safeway to pick up some food. Matisse, 3½, rode his scooter, while Kristina pushed Soren in his stroller and I scrambled along trying to make sure Matisse didn’t get run over by a car. I told Matisse that we were going to get some chicken and afterwards we would get a treat. He replied, “Safeway doesn’t have chicken. It only has treats.”

Little boys prefer to skip the main course and get right to the dessert, even if they have to bend the truth a bit. Yet, even grandparents, who are made by God to give special love, know that there are times boys need to establish their priorities.

I asked one of my friends recently how his devotional life was going. He replied that he didn’t have much time for devotions. I was tempted to ask if God only gave him 20 hours a day instead of 24 like the rest of us. The truth is that we all have exactly the same amount of time every day. We simply have different priorities regarding how we spend our time. I like to spend time with the Lord because I need the refreshing of the Holy Spirit and I love the encouragement and insights I receive from the Word of God. Whatever your schedule is this week, I hope you will take time to seek the Lord. The treats in life are a lot sweeter if our hearts are filled with grace and peace.

David Stockton will be preaching for our Saturday night and Sunday morning services this weekend. David is an outstanding leader and a great Bible teacher. It is a blessing for us to work together and have his ministry such a vital part of Living Streams.

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