Sunday Preview ~ August 19, 2010

August 19, 2010

I’m heading to Flagstaff later today for a retreat with the Living Streams elders, followed by our annual men’s retreat which starts Friday night. These retreats provide great opportunities for men to get together and connect with the Lord and each other on a deeper level.

I have been reading an excellent book called, In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day. One of the great concepts in this book is the reality that the spiritual giants we must fight provide an opportunity for our advancement. David went from being an obscure shepherd to serving in the court of the king when he fought Goliath. If we look at the obstacles before us with fear or frustration, we may miss the opportunity they are presenting to us.

I was able to put the principles of the book into practice when a person attacked me on Facebook the other day. Among his charges was that Living Streams should be doing more to help the poor. I was distressed when I first read the harsh rebukes in his message and I began to plan my response. I started thinking about the volunteers who give food to the poor from our Food Pantry four days every week. I thought about our Respite House that takes in homeless men while they recuperate from surgery. I remembered our benevolence ministry to people in need and our park outreach that feeds the homeless every month. I thought about how our Westfork Discipleship House took hundreds of men off the streets over the last twelve years. I thought about our missions to the poor in Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. I remembered the hundreds of thousands of dollars we give every year to missionaries and ministries who are doing great work all over the world. After awhile, I was so encouraged by the generosity and good works of the members of our congregation that the offense from the attack was gone. The giant was slain.

Don Worcester is preaching this Sunday at Living Streams. Don always brings a great message from God’s word to our church. We would appreciate your prayers for our regular services, as well as the 200+ men who are joining our retreat at Lost Canyon this weekend. We hope to come together in the name and love of Jesus and be transformed by God’s great power.

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