Sunday Preview ~

September 16, 2010

This past week I have been encouraged by hearing several reports about spiritual breakthroughs in the lives of people at Living Streams. I think we are seeing some  grace released in response to the season of fasting and prayer many of our members have entered. This is special because often God’s response to our prayer and fasting isn’t usually something that can be recognized until few weeks or even months afterwards.
We are hearing other encouraging reports as well. We sent Jeff Skeens and a team of people to plant Kineo Church at 37th Ave and Camelback last year. They now have 150 people coming to their services and have outgrown their building. They are one block from Grand Canyon University and more students are coming to Kineo as the University and the church continue to grow. The team we sent with Lloyd Baker several years ago to the west valley has now grown to over 300 people. They are hoping to buy their first facility and would really appreciate our prayers as they explore a site that has great potential for them. We have also been getting great reports about our Saturday night services led by David Stockton. The services are growing in numbers and the people are growing in love.
Danny Lehmann will be preaching in our Sunday services and sharing a testimony on Saturday night this week. Danny is on the international board of Youth With a Mission and one of the most gifted evangelists I know. We have been friends since 1972 and have shared many ministry adventures. Danny and I took a mission trip to the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong in 1983. We preached and taught in YWAM bases and churches all around Asia. We took long jogs together through many Asian cities. While we ran I would test Danny by asking him to quote chapters of the bible or tell me where the scriptures were about whatever subject came to my mind. He not only has most of the New Testament memorized, Danny is filled with the Holy Spirit and preaches the word of God with authority and power. I’m thankful that he Lord has sent Danny to bless our church. I hope we welcome him and pray for his ministry to impart great grace to our church this weekend.

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