Sunday Preview ~

September 23, 2010

I have been working on a message from Galatians 3:1-7 for this Sunday called “The Blessings of Believing God.” People show a naive lack of understanding when they say, “As long as you believe in something, that’s good for you.” If you believed you should buy more real estate three years ago, the chances are good that you have lost money. If you believe the story of someone who turns out to be a liar or deceiver, you can be fooled. It is really important for us to believe what is true and what is right if we are going to make wise choices in life. Throughout Scripture, God makes promises and establishes covenants with his people. Those who believe what God says experience the blessings the Lord promises to those who obey him. Those who don’t believe what God says find themselves learning the lessons of life the hard way.

This Sunday is the 26th anniversary of Living Streams. It is easy for me to reminisce about the good old days, when our four children would help me pack our van with the Sunday School supplies stored in our garage, and we’drive to Mercury Mine Elementary School to set up for our Sunday services. However, I’m not one to think much about the past when I’m enjoying what the Lord is doing in our midst today. Many of us have been refreshed and renewed by the prayers of our intercessors during this past month. I want to thank you who have been praying for me. My life was dramatically impacted by our month of fasting and prayer last year. I’m excited to see what the Lord will do in our church in response to this season of prayer.

We are going to celebrate our anniversary with a barbecue lunch after our 11:00 AM service this Sunday. I hope you will join us as we enjoy the blessings of good worship, good food and good friends.

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