Sunday Preview ~

September 30, 2010

My message this Sunday is called, “The Value of Faith” from Galatians 3:8-14. There is a lot of craziness that takes place around the world in the name of faith. Some people think that faith is claiming what you want from God and believing you have it no matter what circumstances say. They have been misled about the way the Lord works by those who reduce faith to a formula for getting what you want out of life. That approach doesn’t work in the real world and it leaves people confused.

True faith is not a blind leap, nor is it based on a powerful leader. Biblical faith comes from the Word of God. It is rooted in reality and is based on the revelation of God in all the Scriptures, not just a few isolated texts. Real faith allows us to get to know the Living God and live without religious formulas and superstitions. God gives us gifts through faith that money cannot buy. God justifies us through faith and gives us the Spirit through faith. We are forgiven through justification and empowered to have a ministry by the Spirit.

When we understand that forgiveness, spiritual gifts and our future legacy are all determined by faith, we can say amen to the truth, “Faith is more precious than gold.” (I Peter 1:8)

When we have something valuable, we want it to grow and we protect it from harmful influences. My prayer is that this message will strengthen your faith so that you will experience the full measure of God’s grace and blessing in your life.

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