Monday Morning

November 22, 2010

Phoenix had a wonderful storm that washed through our valley yesterday. The mountains that surround us are crystal clear and beautiful from the hospital window.

It also rained heavily on the Arizona Ironman Race in Tempe. Our daughter Kelly completed her third Ironman yesterday. It was entertaining following her, Sam Perry and Arva Bynum races on the computer. (The hospital has Wi-Fi for their patients.) We are so proud and happy for them that they did so well.

Today Mark’s mom flies into town for our planned Thanksgiving celebration.  We have been looking forward to spending some time with her.  While our dinner plans have been changed we are still excited.

Having to wait for surgery when you are still feeling pretty “OK” can be a bit boring. While his visitors are limited, Mark is enjoying reading newspapers, books and your emails.  The first time he turned on the TV was for the Cardinals game and that had an unfortunate ending once again.

Mark is so grateful for your prayers.  We will post again when we get the doctor’s report of the scan later this afternoon.

Bless you all ~ Kristina


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