Monday Test Results

November 22, 2010

Mark just had an angiogram. This procedure showed the condition of all the vessels in his heart. We learned that his coronary artery is 90% blocked. This means the surgeons will do a by-pass as well as a valve replacement on Wednesday.

Mark says he feels peace about this process. He feels that if they need to do it then get it done. He wondered if the purpose in all of his fevers was to bring this information to the light. Mark is very thankful for your notes, emails and prayers.

His mom, Bobbie Buckley, has arrived from California. It is a blessing to have your mom around when you are not 100%.

Please leave a comment below if you have questions. We will try to answer in our next blog post. ~ Kristina

One Response to “Monday Test Results”

  1. Jackie Reed Says:

    Mark, it goes without saying that I will be praying for your and your family. What does need to be said is that I will always love, respect, honor and appreciate you for being a man of God, for being my pastor, and for the way you (and Kristina, and your family) have laid down your life to serve the church, and all the messy sheep. Please let yourself rest, heal, and know that Dan and I consider it our honor, joy and duty to do anything we can to help in any way.
    One of the messy sheep,
    Jackie Reed

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