November 23, 2010

Those of you who know Mark well are aware that he absolutely can’t handle hearing about blood, body parts in pain, and everything else you would see or hear on ER or an NCIS program. Today the surgical staff  had to tell him everything. They have to go into great detail. After hearing all the details he had a hard time believing that he won’t remember anything from the first 48 hours. His girls were there, Mom, and cousin. He was very good in spite of covering his face and being grossed out.

Mark is totally willing to abide by whatever rules they lay out about visitors or achieving their required goals in order to speed his healing. Mark has the heart of a champion. He may not be able to run an Ironman like Kelly, but he is up for this challenge.

It was hard to have to send people away today as he really needed to rest. I want to thank everyone who reads these posts because it keeps me from having to repeat everything over again. We love so many people and want them to be as informed as possible. It is wonderful on one hand, but everyone asks the same questions. Mark and I both feel very loved and cared for. We are both in survival mode. Thank you for understanding this.

The X-ray department gave him another chest X-ray and mapped out his veins in chest and legs. This was done for the single by-pass and when they put him on the heart lung machine.

Another question that everyone wonders is if they have identified the source of the infection. They have not. There is nothing conclusive yet. There are still lab tests out that have not had results come in yet. The surgeons will take the “vegetation” that is on the broken valve and have it tested for source. They will be able to determine the proper antibiotics at that time. Meanwhile he will be started on two broad-spectrum medications.

The surgeon’s assistant reassured Mark that Dr. Caskey always tries to  repair a valve first. If  the mitral valve is repairable that would be better for his recovery. They can always go back in years later if it fails again and replace it. There may be better surgeries to accomplish that  at that time.

Mark is at Good Samaritan on McDowell Rd. He can only have two family members as visitors at a time. The staff goal is to have him heal as quickly as possible and they are going to make him work hard at it. He has to walk 6 times a day, sit up for all meals, and a number of other tasks. He will be exhausted by the effort.

I think I have answered all the questions for today. Love you all and thanks for your prayers again. I have gotten emails and calls from all over the world now. It is exciting to see what God is going to do!  ~Kristina

6 Responses to “”

  1. Craig Says:

    You are in my prayers!

  2. The Graffs Says:

    We are praying for you all…..
    Lord Guide, protect, heal our friend, and pour out your peace on all.

  3. Cheryl Sacks Says:

    Hal and I are currently in California visiting Nicole and her husband Marco. We will all be praying for the success of your surgery tomorrow. “God is your strength and power and will make your way perfect.”

  4. Lesa Bynum Says:

    Christina, my thoughts and prayers are with you all. I will not be visiting the hospital, as a good friend (Tess)once told me at the (golden greek)….if you love me, don’t come in on opening week, (after their month vacation)out of respect for the family and Marks speedy recovery I will pray from home. XO

  5. Brien R. Butler Says:

    All our love and peace to you from the Butler’s.

  6. carla and Tom Bruce Says:

    Just read that Dr. Caskey is the surgeon. He did both of Tom’s heart surgeries, including the mitral valve replacement.
    He’s the best according to Tom’s cardiologist.
    Love you both and understand the need for no visitors and your need, Kristina, not to have to repeat yourself.

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