Completely Awake Now!

November 24, 2010

Mark is breathing on his own and talking. He is making his pain needs known and getting what he needs to some extent. It is important that he is comfortable but not sedated. This is the hard part for him. He has a number of things to do that are difficult but necessary for a healthy recovery. He is sitting in a chair right now for one hour. He is doing what he has to do. He really has the heart of a champion. I am not saying he likes it, but it is necessary.

Personally, I am exhausted and am going to bed soon. I left the hospital a few hours ago and came home to take a nap.  Sleep will fix me! Kelly just left to go sit with him but he wants to go to sleep as soon as they let him back in bed. Kelly and Kathryn have been terrific help. More tomorrow. Love you all.


11 Responses to “Completely Awake Now!”

  1. Stacy Barrett Says:

    Sweet Kristina – Praise God the surgery went well today. We will be praying for all of you and are grateful for the updates.
    Stacy Barrett

  2. Ann Says:

    Praise the Lord for Mark’s progress so far! I remember how quickly they get heart patients to sit up, cough, walk, push themselves but it amazingly is the best route to a marvelous recovery. I’m sure you love seeing him without the ventilator too! Get some good rest tonight! Love you both! Richard & Ann

    • Kristena,
      We are sooo happy that things went well for Mark and he will have a good recovery. We are praying for thee both of you for God’s grace to sustain you and Mark through this time.
      Barbara & Steve

  3. Shelley Perkins Says:

    Thank you so much for the updates Kristina. Will be praying that you have a peaceful and rested sleep tonight and that Mark will not be disturbed too often by the nurses.

    Still praying….
    Shelley Perkins

  4. Trish True Says:

    Thank you for your posts Kristina! We are all relieved to know Mark is out of surgery and doing well. God is soo good. Happy Thanksgiving. We have much to be grateful for. Trish & Jeff True

  5. Michele and Bob Says:

    Praising God with you. Such great news. Our continue love and prayers for you all. And thanks for the updates here. Such a blessing to learn the Great news. Happiest of Thanksgivings.
    Love you both. Bob and Michele

  6. Susan Conrad Says:

    Mark and Kristina, I know you are both totally relieved that it is over, surgery speaking. And especially over with such a wonderful outcome (I know you don’t feel wonderful, far from it). Please, please take it from someone who has been in the hospital more times than out in the past few years, rest and definitely no visitors. I got another infection that way and only by the grace of God am I still here. Everyone will understand. I know the sitting, walking and everything else they make you do is not fun at all, but you will heal faster. I didn’t believe them the first few surgeries, but it’s true even though it’s grueling. Keep your spirits up, rest and I have some great emails I’ll send when you get home. But don’t reply, REST. Plenty of time to reply and thank everyone later. Everyone is praying and pulling for you. Talk to you in a few months, but will chat later. I’m so happy for all of you. You all have a lot to be very grateful and thankful for this Thanksgiving. How wonderful that is. God bless you all and REST!!! Love, Susan Conrad

  7. Merilee Rossi Says:

    LOVING YOU WITH ALL MY HEART..thank you for all your are precious.

  8. Celeste Serbin Says:

    Thanks you so much for the updates! I worked all day yesterday (at another hospital) and thought of you both and lifted your up throughout the day. So glad to hear everything went well! Praying you both have a wonderful Thanksgiving…we have SO MUCH to be thankful for!

    Celeste Serbin

  9. AZ Brother of Thunder Says:

    THANK GOD! You have all been through quite the surgery and we rejoice with you in the outcome and stand with you in the recovery. Here is our revised & abbreviated Psalm 51 prayer for Mark:
    “Thank God for your new mercies everyday because you love us. Thanks for washing away all the bad stuff and cleansing out the bacteria in my body.You teach me truth and grant me wisdom in my inmost heart. Thank you for letting me hear joy and gladness in the voices of the 4 women I deeply love: Kristina, Kelly, Kathryn and Mom. Let even the broken bones in my chest rejoice. Create in me a strong, healthy and clean heart, O God, and renew that right, persevering and steadfast spirit within me. Holy Spirit uphold me with a willing spirit and restore me to the joys of life I love knowing You. THANK GOD!

  10. Marian Hamilton Says:

    Good news from you on Mark’s recovery process! Thank you for each update – they help in knowing how to pray specifically for daily needs. OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD! I am praising God for Mark’s obedience and endurance. Blessings on the whole family, xxMarian

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