Surgery Update

November 24, 2010

They just attempted to repair valve. The repair was a failure. The surgeon has Mark on heart/lung bypass machine. He will remove faulty repair and replace with an animal valve. Things are taking longer because of this added development.

Mark is doing very well through it all! It is all good news. Thanks for prayers!

3 Responses to “Surgery Update”


    Just let Mark know that I love him and rejoice that every prayer was heard by the father and honored.PRAISE GOD!!


  2. Mike and Margie Wilson Says:

    What wonderful news! It is always so unnerving when facing surgery and anesthesia. We’ve been praying all day for Mark. Sending warmest wishes and hugs across the miles for a complete and speedy recovery.

  3. Margaret Ann Vander Molen Says:

    My husband,Dan,and I attend North Hills Church in Phoenix. Pastor Gary Kinnaman, who spoke at our am service, said he was visiting Pastor Mark this afternoon. Dan and I occasionally attend CR at your church. We heard Pastor Mark’s testimony and were very impressed with his transparency! Also, attended your Sunday service, 9/19th, to listen to Danny Lehmann with YWAM. I was in YWAM in the early 1980s. Dan I will join you in prayer for Pastor Mark’s healing. Isn’t it great that we all are in the same Body thru the blood of Yeshua! Learning, Living and Loving in Yeshua, MA and Dan

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