Today is the Day!

November 24, 2010

They just wheeled it away about an hour ago. Mark was very peaceful. He told me he was so grateful that he was feeling so positive and good about surgery, his future, and recovery.

Once they gave Mark some relaxing medication he got very animated and had the doctor, nurses and me laughing. It was a good start!

So for now, no news from me is GOOD news. Until the late afternoon…


6 Responses to “Today is the Day!”

  1. Donna & Pat McCornack Says:

    Kristina, Thank you so much for all the information you have been giving. It helps to know and also in praying. Pat and I have been praying constantly for you and Mark. Mark is blessed to have such an amazing wife as you. We haven’t been e-mailing just because we didn’t want to clog up things, but you both are always on our heart. You all have ministered and given to so many over the years, you now have a mighty army of prayer warriors and people whose hearts are right there with you. We love you both deeply.
    Love, Pat and Donna

  2. Kym Mann Says:

    We’re praying for you all..Please tell us how we can help.

    Would you like people to grocery shop for you since you like to cook?

    If yes, should we call you or would you like to post your needs?

    Anything else we can do please let us know..
    Love you

    • pastormarkbuckley Says:

      Thanks Kym. I won’t need anything until Mark comes home in seven days. We are in good shape until then. Love you bunches.

  3. Jared Riley Says:

    The Riley’s here in California are praying for Mark. Thank you for the updates Kristina,


  4. Karma Says:

    Love you and we are praying and thinking of you both all day….

  5. Steve Bynum Says:

    Lesa and I are both in prayer!!!

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