November 24, 2010

Mark is out of surgery and looks great. He even has good color! He has been moved to Cardic ICU now. Dr. Caskey is very pleased. It was nice for him to have to work on someone who is so healthy. Mark has always had low blood pressure and no diabetes. He did say his valve was so very damaged that a repair would not hold. Mark has a lovely valve from a very generous and kosher pig!

We are all so blessed! Thank you for your prayers and standing with us!

23 Responses to “WOW!”

  1. Ted Guy Says:

    Kristins, great news!!! You are doing a great job of keeping all posted. Now that Mark will be resting I hope you can also.
    God BLess

  2. Joe and Sandra Kneen Says:

    We are so happy the surgery was successful. Our prayers are with you for a Thanksgiving with family, and speedy recovery for Mark.
    Joe and Sandra Kneen

  3. Robin Crow Says:

    We are praising God for this good report. We will continue praying as he recovers. Thanks For updating the blog and letting us know how things are going!

  4. Lance Rauhoff Says:

    Awesome!!! So happy to hear he’s in ICU We’re still praying for him and a full recovery. Hang in there KB . . . we all love you and Mark.

  5. Tom McGeorge Says:

    Great news. Thank you so much for keeping us posted. Have been on pins and needles waiting to hear. Love you. Tommy

  6. Aisha Says:

    So glad to hear that he is safely out of surgery. We’ll continue to pray for his recovery. Have a very blessed Thanksgiving! ♥

  7. John Leggat Says:

    Gloria a Dios!! Kosher no less.
    Great things ahead in Christ!!

  8. Mike Riley Says:

    Hi Kristina,

    Thanks for the good news about Mark’s surgery. We have been thinking of him and praying throughout the day. We are blessed and relieved.


  9. Al and Tammy Says:

    Wonderful news! God is good! Kristina, we’ll give a call (after the initial 7 days) when we are heading to Costco etc to see if you need anything since we live so close by.

  10. ben and robin Says:

    One more item to put on our “Thankfullness” list!
    So thankful to hear that all went well and that you, Kristina, are surrounded by loving servants!
    Hugs and love to all!

  11. Donna & Pat McCornack Says:

    Thank you Kristina for letting us know the wonderful news. We are grateful and rejoicing! Blessings and love to you both.

    Pat and Donna

  12. Pat Ward Says:

    I am so happy to hear the surgery went so well. Mark has been on my mind all day and I just knew everything would go text-book perfect…after all our perfect Lord was guiding the hands that worked over him.
    Praise to our God, the Great Physcian.


  13. JB Says:

    Praise God! Thanks for the update Kristina. I look forward to hearing more about the valve donor.

  14. Chuck & Diane Marvin Says:

    Kristina thanks so much it was wonderful to follow along during the day and get the updates. We are so happy that all when well and will continue to pray for quick healing.

  15. gail rich Says:

    I am so thankful that Mark’s surgery went so well! Praise God!! I will continue to pray for Mark & you Kristina! Please keep us posted of specific prayer needs for you & Mark & your family! Love Gail & Pete

  16. Rea Pebody Says:

    I am so thankful Mark is doing so well!! Im glad to read your entries on the Blog..We have been praying for him so much! Even my extended family as they know what you guys have meant to me..Yours was the first church I came to after being a mormon for most all my life and I thank you both for your faithfulness!! YSIC, Rea P May Mark continue to improve and get healthy again!

  17. Nissa Says:


    Thanks for the updates. We have been praying all day long. So glad to hear it all went so well. We love you all so much.


  18. The Graffs Says:

    Thank you Lord. Continuing to pray….. Let us know if we can do anything

  19. John Atherton Says:

    God is obviously at work through this in ways that are beyond what we can see right now… I am continuing to be prayerful for you both.

  20. Marian Hamilton Says:

    AWESOME news, Kristina! I’m still praying & I know that many prayer warriors are doing the same. THANK YOU for the updates on this blog. You are doing a great job as Mark’s spokesperson. Sending TONS of LOVE to you both! xxMarian

  21. The Beers Says:

    Prayers answered. Thank you for the updates….please keep them coming

  22. Pam Johns Says:

    Wowza! Kristina, you must be exhausted. Mark will notice his exhaustion the minute he comes home. I’m smiling from ear to ear for both of you. This blog is addicting. But that’s a good thing, and even a happy ending! 🙂
    You’ll both continue to be in my prayers. Hope you can update us (not as often, of course), and I hope Mark will not answer emails, instead, he can rest in knowing that God has replied. Your friend in Abq, NM. Pam Johns

  23. The McEowns Says:

    Glory to God! We have been praying and believing… The Lord is surely on His throne. So happy and thankful that all went smoothly. Thanks for keeping us posted. Praying for rest and peace for you all after a long day. Hugs to you all.
    (I’m with JB, hoping to hear more about donor!)

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