Kelly’s Observations

November 25, 2010

Last night Kelly visited with Mark in Cardiac ICU. It was a window of time when the pain was managed and he probably felt better just having his daughter there. She wrote me “He’s doing his breathing exercised now. Dad’s making nurses laugh and preaching to them. He is complaining about the lack of veggies already and demanding yogurt instead of jello.”

When I called the nurses station they admitted that it took a while for them to get his pain under control. They said it is a very painful surgery so he is finally getting some relief.

Mark was basically awake all night. He was sitting up for an hour again so they gave him the phone. While they made the transfer I could here his voice telling someone where our church was located and how much they would enjoy the worship.

He gave me a list of things to bring him. He was able to have some prayer time this morning and felt like the Lord reassured him that he was going to be healed. Now he just has a lot of hard work ahead. He walked a little bit and will be to a lot more of that as the day progresses.

We wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

11 Responses to “Kelly’s Observations”

  1. The Graffs Says:

    We are thankful today for His goodness!

  2. Lois Zapernick Says:

    Mark and Kristina,
    God is faithful and we are very thankful this Thanksgiving.

  3. Teri Undreiner Says:

    LOL!! Glad to hear you are still preachin! What a blessing. I hate that you are having Thanksgiving in the hospital but so thankful you are doing well and having your family close… are deeply loved. This whole experience will give you so many stories!!!! I’m visiting with Shannon in Seattle and we were talking about how you guys kept Duke for us and never told us he destroyed your fish pond! And how kind you were to us. Duke is about 14 now and still kicking. He’s fat and sassy and still loves fish. God bless you my brother! I will continue to pray for your recovery…

    Love in Chrsit,

  4. Judy Denmon Says:

    We are so happy that Mark is doing so well! We will continue to pray for both of you, God is so good , and I know that He will be right along side of you both all the way!! We love you both.

  5. Catherine and Tom Fusco Says:

    Psalm 9:1 “I will give thanks to the Lord with all my heart; I will tell of all Your wonders”

    Praise to the Lord, even now Mark is doing God’s work!

  6. Scott + Leslie Turner Says:

    Blessings from New York, where we are having Thanksgiving with the family. We are praying for a rapid recovery.
    Scott + Leslie Turner

  7. Bobbie Henry Says:

    Dear Kristina & Mark, We are so relieved & happy to hear the good news and we, too, feel confidant that he will do well in his recovery. Sounds like he has a great attitude. We are continuing to pray for God’s healing touch! We love you and are thankful for the blessing of your friendship! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Love, John & Bobbie Henry

  8. Karma Says:

    Soooooooooo thankful for these wonderful updates. The Buckleys have been a part of our family gatherings as we stand in faith for extra grace and rejoice in little victories with each leg of Mark’s race.

    We love you!!!

  9. Heather Says:

    Praise the Lord!! This is something to be thankful for indeed! Mark and Buckley family, may you “..shine like stars in the universe as you hold out the word of life…” Philippians 2: 15-16 whoo hoo!

  10. Dear Mark,
    I’d guess we have about 100 people at Beit Tikvah praying for you, and it looks like our prayers are being answered right before our eyes. I’m glad you found a kosher pig. A real miracle! You told me you have been learning the benefits of Sabbath rest. Now is the time to put those lessons into practice. Love and miss you.

    Dear Kristina,
    You are a champion, taking care of your husband. I’m glad you’re finding some rest in the midst of the storm. All the extended Slobodkins continue to pray for you and Mark. We love and miss you on this Thanksgiving.

  11. The McEowns Says:

    On this Thanksgiving day, so thankful to hear that Mark is still preaching and giving directions to church! This post just made my heart happy! Praying for pain to disappear! Love you both!

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