Thanksgiving Afternoon

November 25, 2010

Mark would like turkey in his IV please. He has about 8 of them anyway so what is one more.

Mark is walking more and doing everything they tell him. He is so submissive! Hope that doesn’t change much. He says that walking with a nurse on each side and a tangled mess of IVs is humiliating. It won’t be too long.

The medications for pain either subdue him or make him very talkative. We have to leave him so that he will rest. After a 15 minute visit with him he told the family that he won’t see anymore family today because we were too stimulating. It was sort of a compliment for some of us. We are glad he is really taking the resting to heart. He thinks he hasn’t slept in 24 hours, but he doesn’t know that. Of course he has, but the medication messes with with his head.

Kathryn and  her friend Nick are hosting their own Thanksgiving dinner for 9 friends who have no place to go today. That is their tradition. The Kelly and little Ava are joining Mark’s mom (AKA Great Bobbie) and me for Thanksgiving dinner. Mark’s cousin Kendall and husband John are bringing the smoked turkey and some goodies. Everyone has a job. I got the gravy at Trader Jo’s in a box and pies from Costco. There is a first time for everything!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are thankful for your love and prayers on this special day. ~ Kristina

8 Responses to “Thanksgiving Afternoon”

  1. Tom McGeorge Says:

    Just got back from our family T-day and thought of Mark throughout. Thanks again for update. Glad to see he his up walking with his portable IV. His emotions are going to be raw for awhile – post surgery and medication. Assume he was moved from Cardiac ICU today. On this day we have much to be thankful for – especially for Mark and his recovery! Tommy

  2. Don and Renee Worcester Says:

    We have been praying for your family, you are so dear to us! We especially were praying on Wednesday. We were relieved to read the blog about Mark’s recovery, and the honest report…made us smile. We are thankful for God’s provision for you in this time. Our tummies are full of turkey…our hearts are full of thanks. bless you and love you…the Worcester’s

  3. Melanie Cisler Says:

    Dear Mark & Kristina family,

    I am so glad the surgery was so successful and complete. Mark sounds like a real champion of a patient. May God bless you all during this challenging time. Just like Mark to take this opportunity to speak to the hospital staff preaching and sharing our church.

    I have so many left overs…..that I can bring a plate or 2-10 at any time!! Please let me know if I can sit or assist in anyway. May God bring peace to Mark and your family.

    Service today was very nice and Nathan was great with his message. So rest with peace that everyone is doing fine and continuing to pray for you. May God bless you on this Thanksgiving Day and always, Melanie Cisler

  4. Pam Johns Says:

    I loved the comment about Mark wanting turkey in his IV! Had to laugh. Through it all, you two are keeping your sense of humor!

  5. sally seekins Says:

    I am glad recovery is going so well! Thanks for letting us all know! We love you!

  6. Robert Seifert Says:

    May God Bless your family! I miss you all. I’m thankful that Mark seems to be doing well after surgery!

  7. As the extended Slobodkin family gathered last night we prayed for Mark, for complete healing and God’s grace through this storm. The good part about the “valley of death,” is that there is always a hill on the other side. Mark is on his way up the hill. It’s a bit steep and he can’t go at his normal pace, but he is a trooper… one step at a time around the hospital floor. Love and miss all the Buckleys.

  8. gabriel Says:

    May the lord bless you and keep you Mark! Our God is faithful and will see you through this trial. May he bring you peace and relief. Be blessed and get better. Shalom!

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