Day Three

November 26, 2010

Mark smiled for the first time today moments after they removed his chest tubes. The decrease in pain was immediate. It was amazing to see. They removed 4 of his IVs during the night. Today they removed one of the lines in his arm. All of that makes for more comfort and the tasks of walking and sitting much easier.

I spent a good portion of the day there and am going to go back after a couple of errands. He is feeling so much better that he just called and told me the place is driving him crazy! This is good news to hear from anyone in his shoes. He still has a lot of pain but is taking everything available.

Love to all. ~K

10 Responses to “Day Three”

  1. sally seekins Says:

    Mark is a champion every day he’ll get a little bit better. Peace, grace and strength to you both.Love.

  2. Brien Says:

    That’s the best news I’ve heard in days. A big step towards going home. Thank God and please give him a kiss from our family.

  3. It’s good the place is driving him crazy. He’ll want to get out just that much quicker. Thanks for the regular updates. For those of us far away, it makes all the difference. Love to you all from very cold Seattle.

  4. Bobbie Henry Says:

    When I had my last c-spine surgery (3 wks in the hospital), I, like Mark wanted to go home & voiced it each day which I think nearly drove everyone else crazy, but was completely normal. I remember, like, Mark, being very submissive when I was told to do or not do something, and I can only say that that comes from a desire to heal quickly, be healthy & go home. We are praying for a quick recovery, completely healing and for him to be able to rest while in the hospital. Love to you and your wonderful family from John & I.

  5. Linda Lehmann Says:

    Thanks for the faithful updates. I agree with Hylan…for us far away it does make so much difference…Praying for you both! love you all!

  6. Franny Whitcomb Says:

    So great to hear Mark is getting his feistiness (sp?) back. We continue to pray for his recovery and for grace and peace over your whole family. We are very thankful for the gift of friendship you have both given to us, and pray that you are blessed in return.

  7. frannywhitcomb Says:

    Great to hear – will continue to pray for recovery and for peace and grace throughout the process. I always admired the hospital staff that helped my dad during any of his surgeries, etc. They are unsung heroes, along with our paramedics.

  8. Carol Wise Says:

    Thanks for the updates Kristina! Love and God’s peace, Tom & Carol

  9. Marian Hamilton Says:

    PRAISE GOD! the healing continues – it will progress much more quickly now – he wants to be healed so he can get out of that place! Thanks for this encouraging report, Kristina – God bless you & the whole family!! xxMarian

  10. tripplex5663 Says:

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