Midnight Run

November 26, 2010

Tonight Mark asked me to come down and help him. He is doing so well that they assigned his nurse another patient. However, that didn’t make Mark feel very secure. Moving from the bed to the chair involves two people to assist him. Then getting ready for a double lap around the nurse’s station takes at least 20 minutes to get all his tubes and IVs in order to go with him. They are a tangled mess and that is pretty common. Then it take another 20 to get them all situated again. The staff at Good Sam are doing a great job. But when you are on pain medication and other meds it does mess with your head. He apologizes to them for being cranky. Long story short ~ he didn’t need any help but he needed to know that everything was OK. He doesn’t think he has slept in the last day so he is worried about that. Mark knows he does better with sleep. He actually has slept but he can’t remember that.

If you would pray that Mark would be able to trust the staff through all his medication fog. He is in a lot of pain and this is as bad as it is going to be.  The staff want him to be comfortable and they can’t take all the pain away or he would be too sedated. Things are really tough as stuff wears off sometimes just as he is about to be moved. It is normal and not uncommon but very hard to endure.

Tomorrow will be a better day for him. Thanks for caring and praying for him. ~ Kristina

7 Responses to “Midnight Run”

  1. AZ Brother of Thunder Says:

    Our hearts are with Mark’s and yours Kristina. As are our prayers for every step of the recovery. Mark may not know he is getting his sleep but please know to get yours!

  2. jim & cheryl Says:

    Good morning Buckleys. Kristina, thanks for your postings..it’s a great way to keep LSC current on Mark’s recovery. Praise God that the surgery & recovery has gone so well.

  3. Kathy and Frank Says:

    Thank you Kristina, for keeping us updated. We are always anxious to hear the latest, and we are keeping you, Mark and your whole family in prayer.

  4. Nancy Says:

    It’s hard to keep a good man down! I’m glad to hear that Mark is doing what he needs to recover. Every day will get better and the good moments will increase as the difficult ones decrease and finally disappear. You are all in my prayers.

  5. Vince and Lisa Scarpinato Says:

    Pastor Mark and Kristina, our prayers are with you both. We serve a God of unlimited power, love and provision. We are confident He is walking with you every step of your recovery.
    We love and cherish you both and the LSC family.
    If we can help you in any way, please call.
    Vince and Lisa

  6. The McEowns Says:

    Praying for the Lord’s peace throughout, despite the meds. Our hearts are with you both.


    May Mark have the blessings of a speedy recovery and that his healing will move foward in a miraculous way.

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