Moving Forward

November 27, 2010

Today the good news is that Mark continues to learn how to sit up from laying down position without using his elbows for support and holding his chest pillow upon standing without the help of his arms or elbows. Since his sternum is in two pieces, having been wired together with thin titanium wires, this is really important.

While we still don’t know what has caused his fevers Mark will probably get to go home on Monday or Tuesday. The hospital will have a home health nurse follow him with any necessary IV antibiotics should that be deemed necessary. They are guardedly concerned.

Personally, I am so blessed that Mark has pushed himself to so well. This afternoon he did 16 laps around the nurse’s station. He has made everyone’s job a little easier. We have had wonderful nurses. Jessica, David, Lindsay, Lynn and Veronica have been such blessings! As have Cameron, Felipe, Michael and Frank have been awesome doctors. Then there is Matt, Anthony and a number of other support staff.

Tomorrow is more patient education and lots of rest. As he feels better we are going to have to hold him back from over-extending himself. That is the Mark we all know so well.

8 Responses to “Moving Forward”

  1. Franny Whitcomb Says:

    Will ask folks to keep on praying. My prayer is that the fevers are just there cause Mark is such an over achiever! Tell him to not push too hard. Not everything is a competition…ha ha. Is that possible with him?

  2. Tom McGeorge Says:

    Glad to hear the update and know Mark is anxious to get home. Also happy to see he has a chest pillow. Tell him he will treat that like Linus’s blanket (Peanuts character) over the next weeks to come! Love you guys and you are continually in our thoughts and prayers. Tommy and Barb

  3. Donna McCornack Says:

    That is the Mark we know….pushing through. Glad to hear how he is doing and will continue to pray for the fevers to stop. Kristina you are such a trooper! Love and prayers. Donna and Pat

  4. ken & mary sanders Says:

    Thanks for the updates it helps direct our prayers. We keep praying! Love to you & Mark

  5. Gabriel Says:

    For He healed many, so that as many as had afflictions pressed about Him to touch Him. Mark 3:10

    Lord, we pray for total healing and strength for Mark. We thank you for all Helpers you have sent and may your power and love be revealed to them as well.

    Blessings Mark!

  6. Bonnie Evans Says:

    I/we are so thankful and blessed to live in this age of miraclous doctors and wonderful technology. Doctors to make us well and whole again and technology for us to keep praying and hearing the miracles that evolve. Thank you – Bonnie

    • Rosangela Says:

      It is so nice to hear the good news of your recovery. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
      Love in Christ Jesus, our true Healer.

  7. Sandra Kneen Says:

    Pastor Mark,I continue praying for you and remember you’re not alone….the “HEALER”is right next to you. May GOD Bless You.

    Sandra(next door neighbor)

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