Monday ~ Day 5

November 29, 2010

Mark’s doctors have decided to keep him in the hospital one more day. They want to up his pain medication before they release him. It is important that they see how he manages everything with it in his system. He is still retaining a lot of fluid from the surgery and they would like to see that come off before he goes home.

When Mark does come home, his good friend Steve Kush is going to come and stay with him. That way if he needs a strong arm to lift him in bed he will be here. Mark will be sleeping on a wedge and a person tends to slide down to the bottom of the bed, even in the hospital. It takes two nurses to slide him back up since he can not use his elbows in any way. He still can’t put any pressure whatsoever on his chest.

Mark isn’t terribly disappointed about not coming home yet. He was concerned that he wasn’t ready, so he is fine with the decision. Meanwhile, I have got just about everything ready for his arrival. ~ Kristina

2 Responses to “Monday ~ Day 5”

  1. Faith Cummings Says:

    I’ve been praying for Mark daily. How are his fevers? Did they discover anything from the cultures of the valve?

  2. Martha Romele Says:

    I too have been praying for Mark and was pleased to read he is doing so well. We serve a faithful God and a God of miracles. My family and I have been recipients of many miracles. Take care of yourself, Kristina, we tend to not do that when we have a loved one in Mark’s position.

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