No Visitors ~ No Matter What!

November 29, 2010

We all love Mark very much and he loves just about everybody he sees. Even in the hospital he has made a great new friends. However, he did over-ride the no visitor rule yesterday and it has been a set back. He has to make use of the time breathing into his little machine each hour and make at least 6 short walks each day.  It is so hard for him to turn friends away so please don’t ask. I don’t want to be the bad guy here either. 🙂

In answer to some questions: His fever has not returned. We may never know the reason for the original infection.

To clarify a statement from yesterday. Mark’s sternum is in two pieces, but wired together. Certain movements, like raising his elbows above his head to comb his hair or put a shirt on, are prohibited. He is learning new ways to do old things.

Thanks for your love and prayers. This is one of the most difficult things Mark has ever had to do. He is trying to balance his love for everyone with his personal health and healing. Love to you all from both of us. ~ Kristina

11 Responses to “No Visitors ~ No Matter What!”

  1. jim & cheryl Says:

    Kristina,thanks so much for the daily reports. It helps to know what Mark is enduring since most of us have no idea about it. You’re right to guard the gate..plenty of time to visit later..we’re in prayer

  2. Becky Akers Says:

    Our family has been reading this and praying every day. Thanks for taking the time to keep it updated. Let me know if you need any sewing projects or someone to make a run for supplies when things get a little more normal.

  3. Betty & Steve Smith Says:

    We are happy to hear Mark is recovering nicely. I’m sure it will be a long, painful ordeal, but with his good attitude and God’s Grace, I know he will be back on the pulpit soon. We love you both and will keep you in our prayers.

  4. Francesca Whitcomb Says:

    Good job being the “Gatekeeper.” I’m sure that’s hard at times. Glad to hear you’ll have some “muscle” to help with lifting too. Hang in there!

  5. Donna McCornack Says:

    Continued thanks to you Kristina for all the updates. We know this must be so hard for Mark to not be able to visit with people. He has a lot to concentrate on now, and it helps to know some of the ways we can pray for him and you. You are awesome Kristina. Love Pat and Donna

  6. Gabrielle Mozell Says:

    I love you two. I check this every day and really know how to pray.

  7. Aline Button Says:

    Kristina, I am praying for you and Mark ..Please let me know what I can do at the home front for you…I am up for any task…Love You Aline

  8. Joe & Sandra Kneen Says:

    We can all respect his need to see people as he heals and understand. Know that you and he are in our prayers each day, and we await his return home. Appreciate the updates.Dios ti bendiga mis amigos.

  9. The McLaughlin Family Says:


    We have been praying for you since the moment we heard. You are and always have been an inspiration. You are blessed with so many friends and people who genuinely care about you. Take it from someone who has had their share of medical concerns, please rest and do what they tell you as your recovery will go by so much quicker. If there is anything Kristina needs please ask… May God continue to bless you..

  10. Terri & Michael Piccirillo Says:

    Dear Mark and Kristina: So glad to get these updates and know specifically HOW to pray for you guys. Having taken care of my dad after open heart surgery, I can relate to relearning how to do certain things and the pain/determination it takes to get back to doing even the most routine things Please tell Mark to be kind and patient with himself and his progression. We love you and please let us know if we can help in any way……love to you both.

  11. Teri Undreiner Says:

    I’m so happy to hear you are doing well! Praying that no fevers return. Please get all the rest you need and people will understand. Love you Mark..Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

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