One More Thing

November 30, 2010

First of all, thank you for all of your sweet comments to this blog. They encourage me each day. Just when I wonder if I need to post, someone encourages me to go on.

Mark’s infectious disease doctor wants to do one more laboratory stain of a remnant of his old mitral valve. Mark will stay in the hospital while the specialist and his peers examine this microscopically and hopefully determine the source of the infection. If they can conclude on the offending bacteria, then Mark will have a “PICC line” inserted into his arm. This is used as a long-term intravenous access for an antibiotic delivery for several weeks. The doctors don’t want to do this unless necessary as it is another artificial line that extends up his arm into his heart, which could pose another avenue for further infection. If it is not necessary, they definitely don’t want to insert it.

Mark and I deeply appreciate the consideration and careful evaluation that his doctors have given him all along the way. Some of them prayerfully consider each step they have made along this interesting journey. Your prayers have been a source of great comfort to them as well

So tomorrow we will probably have one more visit from Matt, our cardio-therapist, Jackie, who keeps everyone in line (including Mark) and Jessica, our forever smiling nurse. God bless you all!

11 Responses to “One More Thing”

  1. jane janssen Says:

    Hi Kris: i am not on Facebook (yet), so your blog is my information source about Mark’s condition. I have absolutely loved and appreciated your updates. I know this is a buzy and stressful time for you, i love logging on and getting the information without bugging anyone. Hopefully this saves you from repeating the same thing several times a day to all those who are concerned.
    I myself am sticking by the Lord’s prompting me that Mark will have a full recovery. However my husband Hal has had many surgeries, all of which were extremely tiring for me. that said, I have been praying that you Kris would get much needed rest. I think when you get him home, his recovery will go faster if you can limit his visitors. this could be your biggest challenge. Do whatever you feel is best for your patient’s recovery, everyone will understand.

    Hope you will keep the blog going for a week or two.
    so i guess this means you have let him off the hook from inventorying the refrigerator>!!!

    thanks again,
    love jane

  2. Tom McGeorge Says:

    Have been anxious for an update and wondering if today was Mark’s day of freedom. Glad the doctors are being precautionary. Another day in the hospital is small potatoes in light of making sure all is ok. Love you. Tommy and Barb.

  3. Jennifer Murtha Says:

    Thank you again for keeping us all posted. I know it must be hard to keep this up as well as everything else you are trying to do! Many continued prayers for you all. Blessings, strength and peace.

  4. catherine allen Says:

    Dear Pastor Mark I also am a heart surgery survivor.That was 10 yrs ago.I have had no problems since and I know God has given todays doctors more knowledge about our bodies.You are in good hands–GODS–Blessing to you and my prayers are for you.—-Catherine

  5. Merilee Rossi Says:

    OK we are rooting for you..and am glad of the extra test on the valve to rule out infectious agent…I am so glad for the caution.
    contantly thinking of you

  6. Karma Says:

    I too am so thankful for the blog updates. I check in several times a day to see if there is any news! We love you and Mark, thanks for your hard work and we will keep praying.


  7. The Graffs Says:

    Father continue to heal Mark. Restore his Heart, Mind, and Soul and give him Your strength. We love our friend and we love you. Lord we pray for peace, we pray against fear and any anxiety, we pray for a rest and recovery that can only come from you. We pray only in the name of Jesus~

  8. Beth Hladek Says:

    Kristina, thank you for taking the time to blog. I am sure it is difficult with everything you and Mark are going through, but we do appreciate it. We check in daily to hear how Mark’s recovery is progressing. We are keeping you both in our prayers. God Bless, Doug & Beth

  9. Lauchlan Says:

    Just wanted to send you love and hugs from Sonoma. Glad God brought a good team to get Mark through all this. Hugs to you Kristina, I think it’s harder for the healthy ones to go through a situation like this. I know I felt very calm all through my cancer treatments, but my family and friends were struggling. Praying for you both (all). 🙂 Lauchlan

  10. Betsy Brezel Says:

    Hi Mark and Kristina,
    Thank you so much for putting out the blogs every day. I know that must be hard for you but there are so many people, including me, who love and care about you and want to know the latest. I will continue to pray for you, Mark, that your healing will be 100%. Kristina, I know this is an ordeal for you as well and my prayers are also with you that you will stay strong and resilient and protected. The name Mike Caskey sounds very familiar. I think Bruce trained with him. Michael probably knows and has told you if that is the case. If you need anything, please let me know. I will be there for you any way I can.


    Just know that you are both still in my prayers

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