One More Day?

December 1, 2010

 Mark wanted me to let you all know that sometimes you get your heart set on something and it just doesn’t come to pass. It is the nature of things sometimes. It has been with him. Pathology did come have a report for him today so no decision could be made regarding putting a PICC line in his arm. Tomorrow is another day and maybe Mark will come home.

Mark jokingly says that hospitals can make a person crazy and it’s just a shorter walk for him than for others. He is grateful that we were able to rent a hospital type bed for him that Kelly arranged. He feels that he will be able to sleep better at home now since he can raise or lower his head as needed. We were also able to borrow a recliner until we can purchase one of our own. A friend with a strong son and a truck delivered these items to our home this evening.

I waited all day to post until I knew more and this is it. Boring really isn’t such a bad thing though is it?

13 Responses to “One More Day?”

  1. John Atherton Says:

    It has been so interesting to watch from a distance all the people praying, all the new relationships being formed and God right in the center of it all. I am continuing to pray. Blessings John Atherton

  2. joe garcia Says:

    Woke up this morning at 2, propped my self up with another pillow and began to rub my chest thinking of u.I felt your pain go away but not far (yet). Fear was there, but it went away (far) away. praying without ceasing…..jG

  3. gabrielle mozell Says:

    Boring is not bad at all.

    • Sharon von Lentz Says:

      Dear Mark,
      Very glad to hear that you are recovering and
      (Hopefully ) home soon. I know there is a lot of prayer support for you. I am glad to be reading this blog from Seattle where I am visiting family I haven’t seen in 10 years.
      Blessings, Sharon von Lentz

  4. Tom Fusco Says:

    Mark, I’ll be praying that tomorrow is your day to leave with a new hope in that you were able to defeat this illnes and it will no longer be a handicap to you. God Bless you for all you have done in the His Holy and Blessed name Jesus the Christ!

  5. Teri Undreiner Says:

    So then..that song “Better is one day in your court, than a thousand elsewhere” is pretty right on about now? Bummer…well, all In God’s perfect timing…. Ah…. I’m sorry you are going through this. Im glad he is keeping his sense of humor though.
    Love you guys.
    Teri U.

  6. Pam Johns Says:

    Thank you for the post. I couldn’t go to sleep ’till I read it.

  7. Marian Hamilton Says:

    Kristina, there’s a lot to be said for dull & boring – sure beats the alternative – LOL! Prayers & ((HUGS)) for you BOTH! xxMarian

  8. Betsy Brezel Says:

    Do you know the old Chinese curse? May your life be interesting.

  9. Alan Heller Says:

    It has been a while since I have communicated but you have been on my mind and in my prayers for a long time. Pauly and I understand some of the waiting and decisions… is very difficult but you are someone who gets through “difficult” well.
    May the Lord encourage your HEART (excuse the pun) Today and Kristina we continue to pray strength and encouragement to you.Love IN HIM

  10. Patricia Wallace Says:

    I have kind of jumped into this recently. Has
    Marked had surgery to repair the valve. This is
    all to familiar with Natalie’s hospital visits.
    I encourage you to hang in there, things will
    improve. God’s in control!

  11. Patricia Wallace Says:

    Hi again, this infection reminds me of the
    infection Natalie got from the water at San Diego 4 years ago.
    Mark and a friend of his also got an infection
    around that time. I am interested in finding out the source of Marks fever when they figure it out.
    Natalie had a form of cholera. Dr.s also had a
    hard time identifying the infection.Wonder if
    it can live in bloodstream and come back.

  12. carol vega Says:

    mark and kristina….have been praying for both of you during this ordeal. how blessed for you to have eachother…and all the folks around who love and uphold you in prayer…even though they can’t go visit you – LOL.
    love you both, carol

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