Finally ~ an answer!

December 2, 2010

Today was a very long day. The infectious disease doctors determined that Mark had a gram positive cocci that attacked his heart. This is the family of bacteria that strep and staph are part of. They are going to try to grow it on the last piece of his old valve which they have saved for just this purpose.

Mark had the PICC line inserted into his arm late this afternoon. After a few more hoops he was released and walked out of the hospital. Since he was walking all over the hospital he didn’t want to wait for a wheelchair. What a guy!

Tomorrow the hospital is having their Home Health nurse come over  to teach me how to give him two IV drips each day for the next month. I have also started keeping track of numerous medications for all sorts of things.

It is so nice to be home and watch Arizona State University beat their rival team together. Thank you again for all of your prayers and sweet notes.

16 Responses to “Finally ~ an answer!”

  1. Marian Hamilton Says:

    YAY! he’s HOME! please give Mark a huge ((HUG)) from me! & let him know that today Merle would have been 91 years old. It’s been a wonderful day for me of remembering all the happy memories the 2 of us made together. I know that YOU TWO are simply THRILLED to have Mark home & now the real healing begins! xxMarian

  2. Betsy Brezel Says:

    Hallelujah! You’re home. Hospitals are a drag and home is so much better. I’m glad they found the cause of the problem. Now they can find the cure. Much love,

  3. Shelley Perkins Says:

    I am really glad they believe they have found an answer. I just kept thinking…nothing like going in the hospital with one problem and coming out with heart surgery and the original problem not fixed. This is good, this is really good.

    Thank you God for wisdom for the doctors!

    Will continue to pray for healing. Please continue to post updates.

  4. jane janssen Says:

    very sweet news, we are all very grateful for hospitals, however at home you do not have someone waking you up to see if you need something to help you sleep. Hope you all can relax at home and get a good nights sleep.
    how great to have so many friends and family who care for you and are praying for you.
    it is all good
    thank you again Kris for all of the posts

  5. Alan Heller Says:

    so happy for you both….there is HOPE

  6. Amy Youngstrom Says:

    Thanking God for answering prayers as I send up more! 🙂

  7. Welcome home Mark! We rejoice with you Kristina. We have been agreeing in prayer for just such an answer as this. We send our love and continued prayers to you. Blessings,
    Paul and Robin

  8. Donna & Pat McCornack Says:

    Great News that Mark is home. Thanks Kristina for letting us know what the results are. We were sort of holding our breath to see if they could find the cause of his infection. We pray this information will help them to aid in Mark’s healing process. Love, Pat and Donna

  9. Ann Says:

    So glad he’s home. Writing down all the meds and what time he takes them is so vital. You’re a champ, Kristina! Womderful that all of our teams won last night — ASU, Eagles, and KS (b-ball). 🙂 Our prayers will continue!!!

  10. Praise the Lord… it’s always good to know what is causing the problem, so you can begin to know what to do. We are very thankful that Mark is home and the news sounds great!
    Thank you Jesus!

  11. Debbie Becker Says:

    So our prayers continue. Sounds like Mark is getting a little stronger every day. Hope you’re not getting too exhausted, Kristina. Call me any time you feel like talking or if there’s something I can take off your plate. I love you both and look forward to the day things get back to normal for you.

  12. Bobbie Henry Says:

    So happy to hear that they now know the cause, but,most of all, that he is home! There really is no place like home! Continuing to pray for both of you, for Mark’s continued healing and for you both continued strength and grace for each day. Love you both!

  13. Tom McGeorge Says:

    So happy that Mark is finally home! Thank you for updating all of us. Have been anxious to find out when he was released from the hospital. Just sorry he had to witness my team suffer a loss against ASU. I am sure he felt compassion for me. Love to all. Tommy and Barb

  14. Becky & Ed Delph Says:

    YAY (for both Mark and ASU) You are always in our prayers.

  15. Kristina,
    You are the nurse par excelance. Always have been. This whole experience brought back memories of your trip to Berney Falls back in ’78 or ’79. God is good and has seen you through many trials. This too shall pass as you continue to put God first in all you do. Is Mark accepting calls yet?

  16. Jana Whitcomb Says:

    Thank you for sharing with us both near and far the progress. I am sure it was hard to sit down and send an update while Mark was going through this. We appreciate you and Mark for sharing how God has taken charge of this situation. I will patiently await Mark’s next Email letter as I know he will have things to teach us about this experience. Love to our wise teacher Mark while he recovers and always.

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