Fireside Peace

December 5, 2010

Tonight Mark sat by our fireplace reading his bible. He had a Jewish prayer shawl wrapped around his shoulders. It was given to him by some local pastors who had spoken prayers of healing and restoration for him. It was a very special gift and the prayers it represents are of great value.

Today the Banner Home Health sent a physical therapist to check on Mark’s recovery. He walked up and down our patio and had great oxygen levels and was basically pain free. His chest does hurt if he breathes deeply, which he needs to keep doing.

This evening a nurse came to take Mark’s vitals. He has great blood pressure and is eating well. We appreciate the continued care that our hospital provides. It is very reassuring.

These posts may get a bit boring from here on out. We are living out the day to day caring for Mark’s special needs, getting enough rest and trying to take care of everyday life. Blessings to you all ~ Kristina

10 Responses to “Fireside Peace”

  1. Jennifer Murtha Says:

    Thanks be to God! Boring is Good:) We are all rejoicing in Mark’s recovering and continuing to pray.

  2. Teri Undreiner Says:

    Never boring to hear how our precious brother is doing….Thank you!

  3. Shelley Perkins Says:

    I love the picture of that prayer shawl. What a special, special blessing!

    It is so good to hear that Mark is progressing so well! Yes, boring is really good.

    It is enjoyable to hear about the day to day improvement. It helps us to feel like our prayers are being heard too.

    Continued prayers for full recovery.

  4. Marian Hamilton Says:

    Kristina, there’s a lot to be said for dull and boring – sure beats the alternative! Continued prayers are being said for Mark’s complete recovery. Keep up the good work of being his helpmeet. Love and hugs to you ALL! xxMarian

  5. The Graffs Says:

    Bring on a long long series of boring posts…..

  6. Praise God! Now Mark is truly recovering. Now that he has an appetite, and walking he is on the road to good health. We will keep you in our prayers…and all of Church of the Open Door In San Rafael. Tell Mark Stephens says if the Giants can win the world series our God is a God of miracles.
    Fear the Beard!
    Stephen and Lauren Allegra

  7. Muriel Elliot Says:

    I am so thankful Mark is doing better day by day.
    I pray for a speedy recovery every day. Mark is very blessed to have a wife like you, Kristina.

  8. Hallelujah, for the Lord our God the Almighty reigns. When placed over the head, the tallit, or prayer shawl, became the prayer closet for many Jews over the centuries, and still is today. Wish I could be walking with Mark right now.

  9. Ann Says:

    The updates are a blessing and never boring!

  10. Josh and Aminda Parafinik Says:

    So glad to hear these positive updates. We’re keeping you in our prayer!

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