Another little story…

December 7, 2010

One day when Mark was still in the hospital I realized I would be spending the entire day there. I had let our chickens out earlier that morning. I had usually been leaving the hospital early enough to feed the dog dinner and lock the chickens in their hen house. We have active coyotes and raccoons in our neighborhood. I called a couple of people and asked if they could lock them up. It was a lot to ask and I decided I just had to not worry about them and trust the Lord.

When I got home I discovered that a hawk had taken one earlier in the day. I locked in the others after collecting their eggs. That next morning the hawk returned. He has returned several times and our dog had confronted him on at least one occasion. I am keeping them locked up all day now.

Today I was returning home from an errand when Mark called me. He told me he had let the chickens out and he was going to take a nap. I took our exit off of the freeway, slowing down to yield to on-coming traffic. At that moment a huge hawk soared by, heading directly up our street toward our home. I put some pressure on the gas pedal and just when I was to turn left on to our street, the hawk swerved to the right.

The episode made me laugh. While the hawk needs to find food, sometimes we have to let go and trust that God has everything in his hands. We need to be responsible and do all we can but that isn’t a guarantee that everything will go our way.

Mark’s nickname has been “Mr. Broccoli” for a long time. He exercises all the time. He has worked at keeping his heart in good shape. When he was a little kid he would drink the orange soda thinking it was healthier than cola. I can’t remember the last time he had a soda. He is the last person in our family I thought would be going through open heart surgery.

God is still faithful and merciful to us. We thank him for all that he has done to protect and provide for us at this time. We are blessed with friends in a country with great medical care. We don’t understand events sometimes but that isn’t our job to figure it all out. Sometimes life is just scrambled eggs!

5 Responses to “Another little story…”

  1. Amy Youngstrom Says:

    To that, I say “Amen and amen!” 🙂

  2. Don and Renee Worcester Says:

    We love you both and are continually praying for you. We are so grateful you are sensing the prayers of your friends. It shows the richness of our Lord and your life. God is gracious in ALL things…huh?

  3. Yes. it is a good idea to wear rubber gloves when doing anything to do with the chickens. Stephen had mentioned this….

  4. Teresa Dowd Says:

    Our family is praying for you guys. Kevin wants Mark to heal completely so they can play golf together sometime in the near future!
    God bless you.

  5. Teri Undreiner Says:

    Awesome Post, Kristina! And so true….Thankyou!

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