A real health status post!

December 8, 2010

Some folks have commented that they are getting to know us a little better by reading these posts. That is such a good thing. One of the challenges of having a large church is the reality that we don’t know every personally. That has always disturbed Mark and I. So perhaps this is one of the good things that seem to be coming out of this temporary trial of ours.

Tonight Mark and I watched some Christian comedians. They were very good. Mark needed them to quit as the laughing was causing him pain. I didn’t see him reach for the remote though. He has to hold a big red pillow against his chest when he coughs or laughs. Today I drew a big hand on it and the name “Wilson” below it. Now I don’t have to ask him where his pillow is. “Where did you leave Wilson” sounds more adult don’t you think?

The doctors have upped Mark’s antibiotic to a stronger dose. I am glad they are keeping a close eye on it. They want to make sure the bacterium doesn’t attack another organ like his brain or kidneys. That is a good thing.

Mark has to keep his heart rate down and it shouldn’t go much above 100 beats per minute. I have loaned him my heart monitor watch and he is into tracking his rate. If he walks up or down our street, which is sloped, his heart goes a little too high. So walking back and forth on our flat lawn in the backyard seems just right. Getting a little too hungry or having a conversation that elevates his adrenaline raises it a bit too high. These are things that he is figuring it. It is all good.

We are both so grateful for your comments and encouragement. We feel so much love and support. At dinner time we can tell that many of you have mentioned us in your mealtime grace prayer. It is so cool.

Love you all so much! ~ Kristina

8 Responses to “A real health status post!”

  1. The Graffs Says:

    So glad there is laughter at home. So happy things are on an upswing. Let Mark know I gotta couple of books on putting and the short game for him to pa-rouse when he is ready! Probably wont be able to swing a club for awhile but it forces you to work on the place where half your strokes are played! Let him know this little medical issue will not twist me into giving him any more strokes on the golf course:) Blessings to you both

  2. Shelley Perkins Says:

    Know that you are both in my continued prayers.

    Question-Is Mark getting blood work done at home to determine the change in medicine?

    Sounds like Wilson has become Mark’s new best friend. LOL


    • pastormarkbuckley Says:

      Our Arizona Home Health care has come to our home to draw the blood work right out of his PICC line. Pretty cool! No driving anywhere except to doctor’s appointments. ~K

  3. Dear Mark and Kristina,

    I enjoy reading today’s blog. It was very funny and I could picture the look on Mark’s face as you draw the hand and “Wilson” on Marks pillow. 🙂

    Our family will keep praying for a speedy recovery. If not speedy may it be steady and if not steady that it be painless and that the healing is permanent. In Jesus name Amen.

    Yours Truly,


  4. Alan Heller Says:

    glad the process is going well we are praying for you and don’t laugh to much 🙂
    Alan and Pauly

  5. Elizabeth Benham Says:

    We love you and continue to pray for you. We are on Kauai with the Shuarts having a wonderful time. Looking forward to seeing you when you are able. I had a dream that you gave me a welcoming hug at the church. I believe we are back at Living Streams…according to Robert’s response to Wayne. I have received some very sweet notes from friends that have heard we were in church two weeks in a row. How cool is that? I am happy to be back home. Love your blog. Thanks Kristina!

  6. The McEowns Says:

    Continue to follow Mark’s progress with joy at each progress report! We love you both and pray always for continued healing, peace and grace.

  7. Noel Gerlich Says:

    What a guy, what a gal! You two are great role models!

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