Feeling Sheltered

December 9, 2010

Today we had nurse visit, phone conversations with doctors, increases in Mark’s antibiotic and an actual visit to a doctor’s office. These things are so boring but so necessary. It’s all part of our new program in getting well and healing. It was exhausting for both of us. Although I was not looking forward to cooking tonight we found a smoked turkey delivered to our door. Each year some old friends send us one at Christmas and this one arrived just in time.

We met a Home Health nurse who actually has visited some of the patients in the Living Stream’s Respite Shelter. This nine bed facility located on our property houses formerly homeless men who have undergone some sort of surgery or traumatic event that required hospitalization. Rather than send them back onto the street a few days from their surgery, they are carefully selected and screened for placement in homes like our Respite Shelter by social service agencies. There they can recover and receive care in a safe environment. Just as people want to bring us meals at this time, there are a few families at church who bring an evening meal to our Respite Shelter. In the afternoons, if you happen to be on campus, you may see a gentleman in a full body cast getting his exercise by slowly walking in the parking lot or another fellow with crutches sitting in the sunlight.

Mark mentioned to one of his doctors today how much he appreciates the care he has received and has an increased awareness of the importance of shelters like ours. If you have any inclination to bless our Respite Shelter, please do so. We have women who have made quilts for their beds. There are people who drop off new clothing and others who assist in counseling and obtaining job interviews. It is a special ministry that we are blessed to be part of.

One Response to “Feeling Sheltered”

  1. Amy Youngstrom Says:

    I am blessed by your blessings.

    One day, you will look back and read these entries and remember the “boring” entries with thankfulness, Kristina. Glad you are being faithful in writing them, not just for others, but for yourself as well.

    May God continue to give you and Mark the grace and strength you need to get through each day, stronger than the last.

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