Ablity to Chill…plus good news!

December 11, 2010

Mark is doing so good at this new relaxing, kicking back, chilling out faze of his life. For those of you who think he is chomping at the bit, or stressing about not being able to see people or go places, you will be impressed. Mark is doing just fine. Even I am impressed. He tells me it is because he is just so happy to be alive.
We were really exhausted from doctor visits yesterday and so I missed the Living Streams Staff Christmas Party. They had so much fun without me. Tonight Nissa, our Director of Children’s Ministry, put on a Family Movie Night out on the west lawn. She hired an enormous movie screen, a horse drawn hay-wagon and hung lights all over. A hot dog and hamburger feast with plenty of hot chocolate was prepared. Our granddaughter was going to be there and we missed it. But it is OK. I got to beat Mark in Scrabble again so that redeemed the evening.
The doctor yesterday says that Mark basically has a new heart that will last him the rest of his life. Isn’t that nice? Since Mark has always eaten the way that he does, he isn’t required to change any of his eating habits as of yet. Although, knowing him, he may think of something else not to eat.  So before we know it he will be hiking up our mountain and going back to the junior college to work out at their gym.
Until his heart completely heals Mark is limited to very short walks in the backyard. He is still learning what activities raise his heart rate. He is supposed to keep it at around 100 or below. Being hungry, conversations that make him anxious or walking a long time or on an incline will raise it. His heart monitor watch helps him keep track of his heart beat.
We are blessed to have a staff that manages everything at Living Streams so well. It is a blessing for Mark that he can step aside for a time and not worry about how things are going. He did meet with David and Lance for a brief time this week to go over a few things. It had a very calming effect on him and he monitored his heart rate for assurance.

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