Saturday Rest

December 11, 2010

Mark’s kidneys are working so well that his system is flushing out a lot of his IV antibiotic. His doctor has upped his dosage again. Only they have increased timing from twice a day to three times a day. So at 6am, 2pm and 10pm I am infusing Mark with his medicines. It is a little hard on him since he would normally be asleep or trying to sleep at two of those times.
The good news today is that Mark is feeling so much better that he wanted to go to church tonight. The bad news was that he really wanted to go. It is a little confusing not to be able to have visitors and still go somewhere other than a doctor’s appointment. So he is feeling better but can’t be hugged by well meaning friends, exposed to seasonal viruses and really can’t have visitors. This is the hard part of getting well. It is only for a little while.
I took the day off (if you can call it that) and sat on the couch for most of the day. I felt like I was getting a cold so I left all those little things like laundry until tomorrow. God bless you all and thank you for your prayers!  Kristina

7 Responses to “Saturday Rest”

  1. Drink lots and lots of water and orange juice, grapefruits and lemon in your tea.

    Stephens lasted for 5 weeks and he is very very healthy. Be ever so careful to take good care of yourself right now Kristina. Rest with Mark.
    You must. sending much love, Stephen and Lauren

  2. joe and sandra Says:

    Kristina and Mark – great to get the updates and know that Mark is getting great care through you and Banner. Kristina, take care of yourself. The Lord is with both of you, and we keep our prayers in your direction each day. Thanks for the updates.

  3. Dave & Lupe Garnica Says:

    Hey Mark & Kristina~We miss you dearly!
    Continue to do as you do; relying on the Lord’s strength and healing power. Know you are thought of daily and you are surrounded with our love and the Lord’s love in spirit! We’ll continue to pray for healing & strength for both of you.
    Love and blessings to you…the Garnica’s

  4. Karma Says:

    Wish I lived close enough to come do your laundry or tidy up. That’s my spiritual gift! Alan and I love you both and we agree with Mark, we are so glad he is alive! Love you Kristina, and you are still in our prayers 🙂

  5. joe garcia Says:

    Good that the kidneys are working,very good. Remember old catholic proverb…1 Shake A,
    2 shakes O, 3 shakes U, 4 shakes sIn…. love jg


    Just would like you to know how much you are missed!

  7. Lisa Scarpinato Says:

    Kristina, I don’t live far – you could put your laundry outside so I could pick it up, do it for ya and drop it back to you. If you need anything from the store but don’t feel like going – please call…
    God bless you and Pastor Mark!

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