Cardiologist report and more…

December 13, 2010

Mark got a very good report from his cardiologist today. When Mark goes for a walk he can raise his heart rate to 120 beats per minute. Plus reduced some of Mark’s heart beat regulating medicine.

Tonight Mark took a nap with his phone in his pocket. Somehow he managed to log onto his Facebook account and add his status as “$.”  This led to some clever comments from friends. When he posted “PP” moments later, our daughter Kathryn called me and Lance, our Executive Pastor, text me to let me know what was happening. They both suggested I remove the posts. I realized that other family members were calling each other about it. I was having so much fun! However, Mark woke up and I showed him what he had done. He has trouble doing Facebook on his phone when he is awake! He started laughing so hard, it really hurt. I removed the posts at Mark’s request. Lance and Kathryn are true friends.

We had a good time watching the Arizona High School Championship football games tonight. The 5A game with Chaparral vs. Centennial was awesome. At one point Mark asked me if I had seen his phone. “Just a second,” I said. “Let me check Facebook.”

5 Responses to “Cardiologist report and more…”

  1. Franny Whitcomb Says:

    Oh my goodness, you made both Jeff and I laugh out loud. Gotta love the butt posting. Great to hear about the increases and decreases in the right ways.

  2. Marian Hamilton Says:

    I was LOL-ing here at my computer screen! love that you 2 are able to laugh at silly things again. I love you BOTH!!! xxMarian

  3. Shelley Perkins Says:

    Glad to hear Mark is getting some good encouragement from the doctors. PTL

    I guess we can all learn a lesson about Facebook and what can happen when we least expect it.

    Enjoy your posts and having a window into Mark’s recovery.

  4. Mike and Martha Lee Says:

    Hi, Mark! Sounds like you are learning new tricks,not that we are calling you an “old dog” or anything… We miss you and hope you are finding enough to do in the hospital – we know how active you are used to being… it’s a good time to get caught up on the daytime soaps. :0
    hugs to you from us both –
    M & M Lee

  5. Terri & Michael Piccirillo Says:

    Kristina, thank you so much for these delightful posts and updates. The Lord is so faithful and will continue to heal Marks body…He is making such good progress. Stay strong, get enough rest and keep your tank full as he heals, Kristina….may the Lord bless you, refresh you, and give you peace. Michael and I love you and continue to pray for you….

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