Biltmore Stroll

December 16, 2010

Tonight Mark and I went for a stroll at Biltmore Fashion Park. Mark enjoyed being in the evening air after a day of freshening rain. This was a great day. It was the first that we only had to do 2 IVs that took less than one hour of the day. No more waking up at night and in the early morning for one.

Mark felt strong enough to invite two of our communications employees over to tape a brief personal message that will be shown on Christmas Eve. That evening is one of our favorite family events of the year. While he won’t be able to attend, he was blessed to be part of the evening. Each day Mark gets stronger and stronger. It is such a blessing!

3 Responses to “Biltmore Stroll”

  1. Marian Hamilton Says:

    Such encouraging reports – Mark is making such rapid progress toward a complete healing – thank you, LORD! I know the church will be blessed by the taped message on Christmas Eve – will it be available online for all of us to hear? Continuing to pray for strength & health – for you BOTH! God bless you!!! xxMarian

  2. Teri Undreiner Says:


  3. carla and Tom Bruce Says:

    Wonderful to see how well Mark is doing. We are heading to Arkansas, Illinois and Okla to spend the holidays with our children. See you in January.
    Carla and Tom

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