Walking and Walking

December 16, 2010

Mark was able to walk for 2 miles yesterday and kept his heart rate normal. Today Mark took two slow one hour walks. He continues to listen to some of his favorite preachers while strolling. One of our sweet neighbors saw Mark walking without his “Wilson Pillow” today. He drove to our home and knocked on our door and drove the big red pillow to Mark. The pillow is very helpful in case Mark sneezes or has to cough.

One of his happy moments today was having our granddaughter Ava over for dinner. She is such a lovely conversationalist. She begged us to let her spend the night and went promptly to bed on time.

Another blessing was having Mark’s infectious disease physician change his medication to an IV that only has to be done once a day and only takes minutes to administer. That means only two IV’s which will take under one hour a day to do. This is wonderful. I have had to wake Mark up at 11pm to take one IV off and then wake him up at 6am to give him another. It has been tiring us both out! That challenge is over now.

Thank you for your continued prayers and encouragement. Love to all, Kristina



2 Responses to “Walking and Walking”

  1. Shelley Perkins Says:

    It’s amazing that Mark was already able to walk 2 miles. God IS the great healer.

    Aren’t those grandkids special blessings too? My gosh they can brighten our day.

    Glad you are getting some relief Kristina (from administering those meds).

    This is all such great news!

  2. Amy Youngstrom Says:

    Some of the smallest blessings become great when we can treasure them as such. Sometimes we have to slow down to be able to appreciate those small blessings.

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