Sunday Hike

December 19, 2010

Mark’s color looks so good that it is hard to think he just had surgery a little while ago. Today we did the “big loop” in the open space behind our house. It is mostly flat and Mark monitored his heart rate. We passed lots of mountain bikers and people on horseback. The weather is so perfect and the air so clear. For the desert, it really does seem like Christmas is around the corner. Fireplaces burn inspite of “No Burn Days” as tradition seems more important than air quality.
Last night someone added two lit artificial Christmas trees to our front yard. It was a sweet idea and added some color to the yard.
Friends made a Trader Joe’s run for us so we are having a relaxing day together. We hope that you are able to relax as the weekend is drawing to a close. Love you all ~ Kristina

4 Responses to “Sunday Hike”

  1. Enjoy your Christmas trees! does Mark feel like playing golf yet. Check out today’s message from Charles Stanley on I was wonderful, the same scripture that Pastor Mike spoke on today.
    Charles Stanley has a wonderful website now including sermon notes and a full screen video, the first time we have seen the entire computer screen utilized.
    Blessing….Stephen and Lauren

  2. Francesca Whitcomb Says:

    That is so nice that someone did a TJ’s run for you! So glad to hear that Mark’s color is returning and it sounds like he is becoming more and more active each day.

    What a nice Christmas present just to be together!


  3. Roberta Lavine Says:

    Wow, what wonderful news of recovery. I’m praying about that bacteria. I have one of those unidentified in my kidneys. A little scary but God is so faithful. Kristina, thank you for the blog updates. Yes, grandchildren brighten our days and make us feel better! Lots of love and smiles,

  4. Teri Undreiner Says:

    Love you guys!

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