Sternum Precautions

December 21, 2010

One of the most important things about recovering from open heart surgery is remembering that you have “sternal precautions.” Since your sternum is cut in half and all of your chest muscles are attached to these two pieces, you must not move your arms in such a way as to disturb this alignment.  Each piece is wired together to prevent separation, but clever patients find a way to stretch the wiring or break them.  Mark saw his surgeon today who literally pressed on his chest and did a little pounding to see how well his has grown back together. I am so relieved to tell you that he got an A+ on the pounding!

Mark can reach up for cups in cabinets and put his arms carefully behind his back. He doesn’t need to walk with “Wilson” anymore either. He can even play a little pool again. He still can’t bring in firewood, take out garbage or pick up his grandkids. He is anxious to do the later but it may take many more months of recovery before he is back to his old chores. As if he thinks he can get away with that!

5 Responses to “Sternum Precautions”

  1. Carol & Jim Cook Says:

    We just figured out how to leave an email, tee hee. We are praying for you and wishing you God’s speed in your recovery. We miss you but are being fed by your able staff!. Phil. 1:3
    Carol & Jim

  2. Jennifer Nore Says:

    David and I have been praying and following your progress. God’s loving graciousness is awesome! We wish you a speedy recovery. David says he’s available to shoot a game of pool (and to hit the links when you’re better). His email is


    I can not wait till the time that we can walk together


  4. jane janssen Says:

    It seems sur-real that Mark has had open-heart surgery, we are all grateful and feeling warm and blessed that Mark is doing well, sounds like the recovery is going well. someone said (Glenn Beck actually) if you get the thanks and the giving from the Thanksgiving Holiday, and the Christ from Christmas, you get a new life in Christ in the new year.

    For Thanksgiving and Christmas Mark has been given the gift of life, wow
    sounds like a really special Christmas to me.
    thank you Kristina for the updates, 🙂

  5. Dave and Yvonne Willcoxson Says:

    Thank you so much for your updates! We have not left a comment before, but you have been in our thoughts and prayers since the beginning and we are so thankful for all the great progress so far!!!
    We wish you a very Merry Christmas and can not wait to see you back in the front pew!

    With love,

    Dave and Y-von

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