Walking and waking…

December 28, 2010

Lately Mark has been hearing little voices wandering out to the kitchen calling for Papa Mark. As he is the first one up and can be easily found over a cup of tea and the paper, grandsons Matisse and Soren are the first to ask for pancakes.

Although Mark goes for long walks in the neighborhood he is avoiding the crowds that we found last night at the McCormick Railroad Park. It is just too stimulating for him. He is still having to limit his visitors as he becomes very drained still.

Thursday will be Mark’s last day for antibiotics. He will have the PICC line removed. The doctors feel sure that the infection will not return or they wouldn’t be ending the medication. While he will still need to make sure he doesn’t get too run down, Mark is healing well and continues to get stronger every day.

Thank you for your notes and continued prayer. We both feel very loved and cared for! ~ Kristina

8 Responses to “Walking and waking…”

  1. Wonderful. God will teach Mark how to set his limits with his energy!

  2. dair deckert Says:

    Mark how wonderful to be surrounded by such love as you heal. May you all be blessed and loved. Dair

  3. Rea Peabody Says:

    Mark, Im so happy and thankful you are healing so nicely!! What a women Kristina is too!! Happy New year!! love in Christ, Rea p.s..don,t forget to try that Mittford book.At home in Mittford.. ..its a pleasant , mild, fun read..theres a whole series, if you liked the one I left at your office, I can get you the rest of them..

  4. Barb Westcott Says:

    To the Buckley Family
    We are praying for Mark and your family daily. We miss you! May God shower you with His peace and hope!
    With love,
    Dave, Barb, David, Lucas & Carrie

  5. Mike Olson Says:

    Hello Mark. Miss you my friend. Just leaving Spain to head back to Phoenix. Sounds like you are doing better each day. Looking forward to getting you back in the group. Hope you had a blessed Christmas. I sure miss Alexis. We had an incredible “Spanish Christmas”! Hope to visit you soon. God Bless. Oly

  6. Peter and Erin Moosbrugger Says:

    Mark and Kristina…so glad to read that Mark is recovering as expected and is being a good patient! We miss you both and wanted you to know you are in our prayers.

  7. Doug Hladek Says:

    Dear Kristina,

    With the holidays over and everyone getting into the new year, we know there are still a lot of everyday things you need to do. We know you might need help with things like taking down lights, yard work, or you-name-it. We are right down the street and would be so happy to help you in any way. Love and God bless, your neighbors and friends, Beth & Doug Hladek

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