No news is good news.

January 10, 2011

Today is the National Football Championship. The Oregon Ducks will face off the Auburn somebodies. Yes, we are Duck fans. It is a high holy day of football. However, the morning began with Mark and I meeting with his cardiologist. It is the last time I have to drive Mark anywhere as he has been given permission to sit in the front seat again and do the driving himself. Freedom for both of us!

Mark can also start playing real golf in 4 weeks but no real weight-lifting for 6 months.  Mark was aghast when his doctor said six months. The doctor later offered to play golf with him and that certainly made him feel better. Mark has been able to putt but no real swinging yet. Since he can lift light loads

The other great news of the day is Mark has made it to another birthday. He is a very young 61 and looking forward to the turkey roasting in the oven and the chocolate cake that is waiting on the counter-top. I think he is hoping I will make gravy for the mashed potatoes too. He has no food limitations or changes in his diet. He is very blessed and taking advantage of all the years of healthy eating.

Since I last posted we have lost a dear and precious friend, Ed Reed. He and his family have been with Living Streams for a long time. It was very difficult to not be able to attend his funeral.  We love him and his family very much.

We also said good-bye to Philip, Moriah and our grandsons, taken Christmas down and are trying to get our house back together after their very fun visit. We have a little box containing a single tiny shoe, Lego pieces, a few stray socks, and a few other items left behind nearly ready for mailing.

Over all of this, our hearts are heavy with the recent murders in Tucson. Since the media has reported on this extensively, I will only mention that little Christina Green’s death weighs heavily on our hearts for her parents and senseless loss. We continue to pray for Gabby Gifford recovery and the family of Judge John Rolls as well as the others involved. It is just too terrible for words.

Thank you for your prayers too!   ~ Kristina

7 Responses to “No news is good news.”

  1. “The body is a unit though it is made up of many parts; and though all of it’s parts are many, they form one body, so it is with Christ.”

    We are family in Jesus!!
    Praise the Lord that Mark and soon he will be on the golf course……!!! Love Stephen and Lauren Allegra

  2. Betsy Brezel Says:

    Hi Buckleys,
    Happy birthday and happy New Year. I’m so happy and relieved to know that Mark is mending. Life is precious. I remember Ed Reed from when I was a regular attender at Living Streams. In fact, the last time I was there, he was one of the few people I recognized from the old days. Also, the tragedies in Tucson weigh heavy on my heart as well. Sadness and joy mixed together. I love you guys soooo much. Kristina, I’m starting a new quilt.

  3. Karma Says:

    Happy Birthday Mark!! Love you guys so much 🙂 So happy about all the good reports.

  4. Alan Says:

    Happy Birthday Mark. I am glad you are doing well. Where the heck is University of Phoenix? love, Alan

  5. Russ and Kristi Wolff Says:

    Hey Mark – We have been praying for you ongoing and are happy to hear all the good news about your recovery! We are missing you at LS but know that God is doing a great work in a lot of people. Thanks for your great ministry to us! Russ and Kristi

  6. Candy Conrotto Says:

    Please understand that I am one of those slow-to-accept-the-computer-age friends! I just caught up all of the posts for the last month and a half, although I have been praying for you folks all along. I’m so glad for the progress. God is full of lovingkindness-“hesed” is the word, I think.
    I laughed at the post that named Mark as Mr. Broccoli. I had a friend a few years ago who decided my name should not be “Miss Candy” after her 3 young boys went nuts when they were told a new friend with that name was coming to visit. I was a raw disappointment, I’m certain. Her new name for me? Miss Broccoli, of course. Her boys were very casual about my visits from then on. Candy IS a strange name for me since I am not a big sweets fan anyway.
    I was watching Steve’s football game for a minute yesterday and asked what was the story with those neon green socks. I remembered pink shoes a while back for breast cancer, but what particular cause uses neon green??? So, those are YOUR Ducks? I’m not a big football fan either, can you tell?
    I hope you are smiling today.
    Love, Candy (aka Miss Broccoli)

  7. Chris Vance Says:

    Thank you Kristina so much for keeping us updated about Mark’s progress these past months. You are a beautiful writer and a great communicator!

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