A Head Cold

January 16, 2011

Not to worry. It isn’t Mark with the sniffles. He is as healthy as a bull in a china shop. He went to a fellow pastor’s church for a visit today and then hiked up the mountain behind our house. I slept in for nearly 12 hours. It must have been catch-up time for me.
Sometimes we have to give ourselves permission to do nothing. To sit on the sofa with a cat on my lap and the football game on is just what the doctor ordered. The problem is that I don’t always take my own advice and so here I am.
Mark has gotten hundreds of wonderful emails from all over the world. I am encouraging him not to worry about replying to each and every one. Your prayers and supportive notes have meant a great deal to both of us and we have appreciated them very much.
~ Kristina

3 Responses to “A Head Cold”

  1. time for chicken soup and rest in the Lord.

  2. Ah Kristina…feel better!! Hiking already Mark? That’s great!

  3. joe garcia Says:

    But did mark get my knee mail…

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