Sunday Preview ~

February 10, 2011

It was a blessing for me to return to Living Streams last weekend and see many of you for the first time since November. I feel so grateful for your prayers and the love that has been extended to me by our church since my heart surgery. I’m looking forward to returning to preach at Living Streams this weekend.

The title of my sermon for this Saturday evening and Sunday morning is “I Have a Dream,” from Acts 2:14-21. You probably know that this is not an original title. Martin Luther King used this title for his famous message about his dream for equality for all people of all races in America. He laid down his life for his dream, and as a result there is more equality in America now than ever before.

My dream is an understanding from the Holy Spirit about God’s plan for the expansion of His Kingdom and the ministry of Living Streams. Every believer who is filled with the Spirit has a dream or a vision from God. In this message I plan to give you three reasons why the dreams of a disciple will be fulfilled. I will also explain three reasons why the dreams of many people are never fulfilled. I’ll briefly tell you about my dream in this message. Just as importantly, my hope is that you will be aware of the dream the Holy Spirit has planted in your heart. My prayer is that you will see that divine dream come to pass.

I wanted to give you a quick update on my condition and plans. By the grace of God and thanks to the prayers of many of you, I continue to heal every day. I have needed to delay my return to Living Streams this month because I literally get so excited being around a large group of people I love, that my newly repaired heart starts racing beyond what is healthy for me at this time.

3 Responses to “Sunday Preview ~”

  1. joe garcia Says:

    When Lena came to visit

    When just being you is as good as it gets,
    You can be sure there is a grandchild close at hand.

    For it is Gods slight of hand that lets you become not just an observer,
    But actually part of the Dance.

    Thankfulness is one of the keys to living the abundant life.
    The Abundant life not just a directive or hope. but a reality, tho far to briefly.

    The 1st cause prescribed the perfect remedy for sagging skin, tired bones a morose attitude and a life slipping away.

    Grandchildren are sent from above don’t u know and they define a wonderful day.

    -(:O/> J jg

  2. joe garcia Says:

    Is that what u mean by being aware ?

  3. Alan Says:

    Hi Mark, I am starting a series this week on Joseph in the O.T. I was encouraged to see your topic. God Bless you, Alan

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